Hard-Core-DX.com: Febr 24, from 16.10 UT in Tha Mai - 250 kms distance east of Bangkok monitored remotedly

Febr 24, from 16.10 UT in Tha Mai - 250 kms distance east of Bangkok monitored remotedly

Thursday, February 25 2021

Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2021
at 16.10 UT in Tha Mai - 250 kms distance east of Bangkok monitored

Hi in Tha Mai,

First check of the Standard stations on SDR Tuning start.

Japan 60.000 kHz
VTN 1242.000 kHz
Xian Time signal ? CHN 2499.998
7324.996 kHz.

576even MMR RM Yangoon, S=9+35dB 16.10 UT pop mx same program
594even MMR RM Nay Pyi Daw, S=9+35dB, til scheduled 17 UT :
5985even MMR RM Yangoon Yegu also via old British Empire bcast station.

5915 MMR Thazin(?) from Nay Pyi Daw, single SW installation
closes already at 14 UT, report by Ron Howard in CA coast point.

729 kHz different program content,
I'm not sure, if that was Yangoon MW unit too ?
S=9+15dB signal at 16.15 UT.

918 kHz CBG (?) Phnom Penh ? , S=9+15dB fluttery, at 16.22 UT on Febr 24.

1242 kHz VTN VoVietnam, Can Tho, Thoi Long, the 600 kW Harris
foreign sce MW transmitter powerhouse.

1575 kHz THA VoA Burmese like language sing-song, 16.33 UT, report of
people demonstrations in big Burmese cities, 14 kHz broad signal

3325even empty TX carrier, S=9 signal at 16.43 UT, Vo INS Palang Karaya
but no audio feed from Jakarta capital bcast house,
nor local domestic program relay on shortwave on air.

4010.220 KGZ Kyrgyz Radio Birinchi, Bishkek, S=8 at 16.57 UT

4750even BGD Betar Dhaka, TERRIBLE audio sound, totally OVER-modulated.
at 17.03 UT, 10 kHz wide broadband signal.

4949.995 IND AIR Srinagar, Kashmiri language program to the mountains,
at 17.10 UT on Febr 24. see also other AIR stn on 5040v.

5009.916 MDG Malagasy Radio service, the very old Siemens Vienna
shortwave transmitter, now on low powered level, still in use.
Formerly very old SWF Rohrdorf 7265 kHz Sender, weak -94dBm.

5040.002 IND AIR Jaypore, Hindi program, 17.13 UT, S=9+15dB -72dBm,
sounds like a very NEW BUILT or repaired SW transmitter,
excellent hardware sound, 12 kHz broadband sound.

5129.900 KGZ Kyrgyztelekom, Krasnaya Rechka Bishkek, at 17.20 til 1800 UT
n o t daily service,
offshoot of TWR Afghan Evangelic Afghan Pashto religious program
"Radio Sedaye Zindagi" via Bishkek site towards Afghanistan and
Meshed Dari border area in Iran. 15 kW transmitter as
'Afghan Christian Radio' in Pashto language, tiny -102 dBm !

and a lot of KOR and KRE broadcasts on range between 3205DRM_mode
of KRE and 7570.115 kHz Voice of Korea Kujang,
monitored a lot between 16.10 and 18.37 UTC.

Ascension Isl relay,
til 18.40 UT the BBC Englisch program broadcast, the o n l y stn in
25 meterband at this hour, on 11810 kHz S=5-6 poor and tiny.

Also a lot of SCRATCH jamming noise audio transmissions noted on the bc
(since about 2015 year now)
against all BBC London English services in Ceand Far East Asia,
originate from mainland China to China, central and south East Asia target.

More logs to report in newsgroup later the day, Febr 25.

vy73 de Wolfgang
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 24)