Hard-Core-DX.com: More logs Febr 25

More logs Febr 25

Thursday, February 25 2021

Also a lot of SCRATCH jamming noise audio transmissions noted on the
broadcast bands (China mainland origin since about 2015 year now)
against all BBC London English services in Central and Far East Asia,
originate from mainland China to China, central and south East Asia target.

More logs to report in newsgroup later the day, Febr 25.

3205DRM mode KRE PBS Pyongyang digital DRM ENCODING test at 16.35 UT
S=9+10dB in eastern Trat province Thailand / Cambodia border area
3219.877 KRE KCBS Hamnung small domestic poor S=6 signal at 16.38 UT.
3250even KRE KCBS Pyongyang Korean, shrill female singer chorus performance
at 16.40 UT on Febr 24.
3319.998 KRE KCBS Pyongyang Korean, at 16.43 UT orchestra mx,
S=9+5dB in THA
3325even - nearly 1 Hertz difference, INS ? empty carrier only,
S=9 at 16.43 UT - Palang Karaya INS ?
3479.992 KOR VoP South Korea, Korean towards KRE D.P.R., S=8 at 16.44 UT.
3909.966 KOR VoP and KRE jamming S=9+10dB at 16.47 UT on Febr 24.
3925.001 Empty carrier, no audio of VoP KOR, S=8 signal at 16.49 UT.
3929.986 KOR VoP and KRE originate jamming noise, S=9+5dB at 16.50 UT.
3950even CHN PBS Xinjiang in Chinese from Urumqi site, S=9+5dB 16.51 UT
3959.011 KRE KCBS Pyongyang, in Korean, S=7 fair only, 16.52 UT Febr 24.
3985.013 KOR EoH - but also accompanied by 14 kHz wide broadband jamming
S=9+15dB signal, at 16.55 UT on Febr 24.
3989.961 CHN PBS Xinjiang in Uyghur from Urumqi, S=8 in THA at 16.56 UT.
4010.220 KGZ Kyrgyz Radio Birinchi, Bishkek, S=8 signal at 16.57 UT.
4450even KOR VoP and KRE jamming, broadband S=9+15dB at 16.58 UT.
and also noted a similar side-by-side jamming TWIN signal on
4455even KRE
4500even CHN PBS Xinjiang in Mongolian language from Urumqi bcast center
S=9+10dB in eastern Thailand at 17.01 UT on Febr 24.
4750even BGD Betar from Dhaka, TERRIBLE audio sound, totally
OVER-modulated at 17.03 UT, 10 kHz wide broadband signal.
4765even TJK Tajik Radio from Yangi Yul Dushanbe, weak signal only
-102dBm in South East Asia antenna lobe at 17.04 UT.
4880.003 KOR EoH in Korean to KRE D.P.R. S=8 in eastern Thailand remote
SDR in South East Asia, 17.05 UT, N O T jammed as always.
4929.996 BOT VoA weak Shona service, -89dBm signal in SoEaAsia.
4949.995 IND one of the only remaining AIR India's domestic and foreign
services noted at 17.10 UT, -81dBm in Thailand.
AIR Srinagar, Kashmiri language program to the mountains,
see also other AIR stn on 5040v.
5009.916 MDG Malagasy Radio domestic sce island-wide. poor -94dBm
at 17.13 UT.
5040.002 IND AIR Jaypore, Hindi program, 17.13 UT, S=9+15dB -72dBm,
sounds like a very NEW BUILT or repaired SW transmitter,
excellent hardware sound, 12 kHz wide broadband sound.
5060even CHN PBS Xinjiang in Chinese from Urumqi bcast center,
S=9+10dB at 17.16 UT on Febr 24.
5129.900 KGZ Kyrgyztelekom, Krasnaya Rechka Bishkek, at 17.20 til 1800 UT
n o t daily service,
offshoot of TWR Afghan Evangelic Afghan Pashto religious program
"Radio Sedaye Zindagi" via Bishkek site towards Afghanistan and
Meshed Dari border area in Iran. 15 kW transmitter as
'Afghan Christian Radio' in Pashto language, tiny -102 dBm !
5782.896 UNIDentified spur signal noted at 17.22 UT, maybe local radio
signal in eastern Thailand near Cambodian border line...
5845even SNG BBC London in Korean via Kranji bcast relay site, new KRE
originate jamming sound, see / listen special jamming Korean
of yesterday Febr 24, 1530-1830 UT, 18 kHz wideband jamming
also schedule via Dushanbe Orzu TJK 5895 kHz, 17.35 UT.
5884.990 kHz VoA Burmese from Kuwait(*), S=9+25dB powerful, 17.37 UT.
(*) AGM United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM),
IBB exBBG USAGM VoA Kuwait al-Dschahra suburb, US exIBB USAGM
VoA RL RFA bcast center Kuwait relay site is n o t at
Kabd location.
5895even UZB probably 'Nippon no Kaze', Japanese language section,
not Korean at 17.38 UT on Wed Febr 24. S=9+25dB strong in
South East Asia Thailand lobe.
5995even KOR EoH strong at S=9+20 dB, and spoilt by KRE jamming on
5995.031 KRE. 17.41 UT on Febr 24.
6015even KOR KBS Hanminjok Bangsong, from Hwaseong site, 10 kHz broad
signal, spoilt by KRE jamming at 17.45 UT. S=9+20dB in THA.
6030DRM mode block visible, CHN Beijing '3FF' code site, 09.00-1805 UT
S=9+25dB in eastern Thailand, S=9+25dB CNR1 program tentativ.
6045 kHz 7 kHz wideband - probably - KRE jamming, S=9+15dB at 17.48 UT.
6065even tiny signal, probably ZMB VoHope from Makeni Ranch, -93dBm.

Two-twin ever strange signal strings visible into SDR units in
Thailand on
6086.5 and 6087.5 kHz at 17.50 UT.

6185even VAT Radio Vatican from Santa Maria di Galeria bcast center
site in Vatican State, Ukrainian at 17.40-18.00 UT, 17.53 UT
S=9+25dB signal in SoEaAsia.
6191.4 - 6198.6 kHz broadband China mainland originate SCRATCH jamming
against 6195 kHz BBC channel, 24hrs/7d. S=9+20dB in Thailand.
6245even KRE jamming against EoH / VoH KOR, S=9 at 17.56 UT.
6251even 2 kHz wideband SCATTER UTE machine tone produced signal,
S=9+20dB at 17.58 UT on Febr 24.
6350.031 KOR EoH and KRE jamming accompanied, S=9+25dB at 18.01 UT.
6362 kHz STANAG like digital UTE S=9+10dB signals at 18.03 UT, also on
strong 6394, 6408, 6418, 6446, 6480 OTHR, 6494, 6536,
6686, and 6720 kHz.
6519.969 KOR VoP in Korean, and accompanied KRE jamming from the North
S=9+15dB at 18.06 UT.
6600.007 KOR VoP and equal strength KRE jamming power S=9+25dB 18.09 UT
7140.020 ERI Asmara radio, HoA in peaks -95dBm at 18.10 UT, and also
7180.020 ERI Asmara radio, HoA in peaks -85dBm at 18.11 UT.
7245even MDA TWR Africa in Tigre Horn of Africa program via Moldova
Pridnestrovie bcast center Grigoriopol Maiac at 18.17 UT,
S=9+30dB. Wonderful audio quality out of Pridnestrovie.
7375 kHz B o t h TERRIBLE fq selection, RTA Algiers in Arabic via
TDF Issoudun 18.00-18.58 UT and co-channel ROU RRI Galbeni
foreign service in Romanian at 18.00-20.57 UT. 18.20 UT.
7485even SNG BBR Kranji Singapore SoEaAsia relay site, but covered a
lot of 10 kHz wideband scratching NOISE jamming ahead, 18.23 UT
7570.115 KRE Voice of Korea / KCBS at 13.00-23.50 time block, S=8 at
18.25 UT, orchestra and piano concert mx program. S=8-9 in THA.
9879.919 much odd fq, MDG Russian sce, of WBC Mahajanga bcast relay
site, S=9+10dB, Christian ladies singer group in Russian,
18.31 UT on Febr 24.
9830.040 STP DWL Bonn-Berlin Hausa language West Africa sce via
AGM United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM) relay at
Pinheira Sao Tome. S=7 at 18.34 UT.
9499.970 SWZ E'swatini TWR Africa in Arabic, S=7-8 in Thailand at
18.36 UT on Febr 24.
9409.994 UAE BBC London in English, via ENC Encompass Digital Media
Services FMO, weak and tiny S=5 at 18.37 UT.

Ascension Isl relay,
til 18.40 UT the BBC Englisch program broadcast, the o n l y stn in
25 meterband at this hour, on 11810 kHz S=5-6 poor and tiny.

vy73 de Wolfgang
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 25)