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Tonight's mysteries

Wednesday, April 07 2021

2345-0115 AIR Chinese 13710-B

13710 kHz April 6 / 7,
could only trace any AIR Program Chinese in HongKong Kiwi-net rx o n l y
around 00.40 - 00.45 UT,

but CHINA mainland jamming heard instead,
CNR1 echo program heard in Hiroshima, Delhi, Novosobirsk, remotedly

and central China KIWInet

S=9+30 -43dBm at 00.37 UT

S=9+35dB or -41dBm at 00.40 UT

But at vr2kj HongKong Kiwi_net

could be heard another Chinese language program,
so real AIR underneath,
music program like subcontinental instruments and singer
heard clearly at 00.46 UT.

13710 kHz exact fq,
when tuned-in much early April 6th at 23.35 UT (!)
noted an empty carrier on Hiroshima and Tokyo SDRs
started S=5-6 -93dBm poor EMPTY TX carrier seen on screen

23.42:10 UTC exact time, sudden crash-start
of echo jamming program S=8 or -79dBm
and two CNR1 echo jammer started on that channel.

20 kHz wideband audio block jamming.

Compared to CNR1 Voice of China

73 wb df5sx

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INDIA A21 schedule for AIR external services on SW (only active
services listed). Transmitter sites: B=Bengalaru; D=Delhi.

0130-0230 Indonesian 13710-B 0300-0400 Baluchi 9950-D
0400-0500 Nepali 11560-D 15030-B 0500-0600 Arabic 15030-B
0800-0830 Farsi 15030-B 0845-0930 Pashto 11560-D 17830-B
0900-1000 Nepali 9950-D 1045-1200 Tibetan 11560-D
1215-1515 Swahili 15030-B 1330-1430 Dari 9950-D 11560-B
1930-2030 French 9620-B 2345-0115 Chinese 13710-B
(Jose Jacob/DXIndia web site; via BrDXC-UK "Communication"
printed PDF magazine April 2021)

requests #14095 Indonesian 120degr
and #14096 Thai 90degr
into hfcc.database

02.45-03.30 UT to mention Thai language section
at 90 degr azimuth, 500 kW powerhouse into #216 antenna curtain
at AIR Bangalore center. 73 wb df5sx

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A couple of tentative mystery logs for tonight , April 5, before

13710 – I am not sure if India has reactivated this frequency at this
but I was hearing a definite Chinese language program here peaking above
the noise at 0048 GMT . Mostly talks by several announcers, om & yl ,
an occasional mx bumper , possible Chinese style mx , between segments.
There were a couple of ad or promo type announcements right before 0100
followed by time pips , about 25 seconds early but silent until TOH, then
signal faded well below the noise. At 0114 the signal cut off for about
15 seconds then returned but the level was just to low to compensate for
the noise and atmospheric effects on the signal. Could be a CNR jammer
against a past AIR program that isn’t there anymore.

Stephen C Wood
Perseus SDR, Drake R8B
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