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Tonight's mysteries

Wednesday, April 07 2021

April 7, 01.55 UT in Bandung Kiwi-net powerhouse


AIR Indonesian 0130-0230 Indonesian 13710-B
S=9+40 or -36dBm MUCH STRONG signal.
South Asian Hindi female singer at 02.02 UT

73 wb df5sx
... sleepy here - and good night, deep deep night,
uncomfortable now in central Europe ...

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2345-0115 AIR Chinese 13710-B

13710 kHz April 6 / 7,
could only trace any AIR Program Chinese in HongKong Kiwi-net rx o n l y
around 00.40 - 00.45 UT,

but CHINA mainland jamming heard instead,
CNR1 echo program heard in Hiroshima, Delhi, Novosobirsk, remotedly

and central China KIWInet

S=9+30 -43dBm at 00.37 UT

S=9+35dB or -41dBm at 00.40 UT

But at vr2kj HongKong Kiwi_net

could be heard another Chinese language program,
so real AIR underneath,
music program like subcontinental instruments and singer
heard clearly at 00.46 UT.

13710 kHz exact fq,
when tuned-in much early April 6th at 23.35 UT (!)
noted an empty carrier on Hiroshima and Tokyo SDRs
started S=5-6 -93dBm poor EMPTY TX carrier seen on screen

23.42:10 UTC exact time, sudden crash-start
of echo jamming program S=8 or -79dBm
and two CNR1 echo jammer started on that channel.

20 kHz wideband audio block jamming.

Compared to CNR1 Voice of China

73 wb df5sx

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INDIA A21 schedule for AIR external services on SW (only active
services listed). Transmitter sites: B=Bengalaru; D=Delhi.

0130-0230 Indonesian 13710-B 0300-0400 Baluchi 9950-D
0400-0500 Nepali 11560-D 15030-B 0500-0600 Arabic 15030-B
0800-0830 Farsi 15030-B 0845-0930 Pashto 11560-D 17830-B
0900-1000 Nepali 9950-D 1045-1200 Tibetan 11560-D
1215-1515 Swahili 15030-B 1330-1430 Dari 9950-D 11560-B
1930-2030 French 9620-B 2345-0115 Chinese 13710-B
(Jose Jacob/DXIndia web site; via BrDXC-UK "Communication"
printed PDF magazine April 2021)

requests #14095 Indonesian 120degr
and #14096 Thai 90degr
into hfcc.database

02.45-03.30 UT to mention Thai language section
at 90 degr azimuth, 500 kW powerhouse into #216 antenna curtain
at AIR Bangalore center. 73 wb df5sx

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Subject: [HCDX] Tonight's mysteries

A couple of tentative mystery logs for tonight , April 5, before

> 13710 – I am not sure if India has reactivated this frequency at this
> time
> but I was hearing a definite Chinese language program here peaking above
> the noise at 0048 GMT . Mostly talks by several announcers, om & yl ,
> with
> an occasional mx bumper , possible Chinese style mx , between segments.
> There were a couple of ad or promo type announcements right before 0100
> followed by time pips , about 25 seconds early but silent until TOH,
> then
> signal faded well below the noise. At 0114 the signal cut off for about
> 15 seconds then returned but the level was just to low to compensate for
> the noise and atmospheric effects on the signal. Could be a CNR jammer
> against a past AIR program that isn’t there anymore.
> Stephen C Wood
> E.Dennis,Ma.
> Perseus SDR, Drake R8B
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