Hard-Core-DX.com: Radio Andorra tribute broadcast 12 April

Radio Andorra tribute broadcast 12 April

Wednesday, April 07 2021

ANDORRA (non). I just noticed this Facebook post on 4 April from Christian Milling of shortwaveservice.com:
"Happy Easter! Joyeuses P âques! Feli ç Pasqua! These days 40 years ago Radio Andorra disappeared from the ether. On April 12., 2021, we will resurrect it again for 3 hours."
In response to follow-up posts, Christian advises that the broadcast will be:
"on shortwave, Internet and perhaps local FM relays. Frequencies will follow later. ... The radio house (i.e. studio) burned down in 1991, but the location of the central wave station still exists. Last year we already had plans to do something locally. Then Corona came and currently nothing is possible. That's why it's gonna be an acoustic revival. Specifically: the created but never sent hit parade from April 12., 1981 we will reconstruct and bring 40 years 'too late' On Air; on the net and also short wave (like 1981) I hope that we will have the planned On-site performance then can catch up at some point when the world ticks back to halfway normal." (Alan Roe, Teddington, UK via WOR io group)