Hard-Core-DX.com: Glenn Hauser logs April 6-7, 2021

Glenn Hauser logs April 6-7, 2021

Wednesday, April 07 2021

So please explain why they moved the spurblob-producing transmitter from 13700 to 13740 today. These are often extremely strong here. ``At will`` merely means whenever they need or want to, whatever the listings may say. EiBi and Aoki cannot agree on whether these are Bejucal or Bauta. And HFCC is not told anything. Glenn

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> As I have long suspected, RHC swaps transmitters/sites at will,

not at will ! ,
only according of same antenna azimuth direction availabbbility,

i.e. you will never hear 'Quivican-origin-instead outlets'
on 9535.v or 9650.v odd frequencies
at 50 kW old Bejucal USSR's steep angle antenna request figures
to MEX, GTM, Panama Latin AM target antenna
or 9650.0v towards Trinidad Antilles NorthEast South America
special from Bejucal site.

Scratch spurs out of Bauta in 22 mb occur only at small power signals
of -112 ... -100dBm, when shortwave propagation is well in North America
during whole daytime.
At other days of the week you have a chance to hear these
signals only next to the TX center ground wave in the vicinity of
TX installation, like groundwaves/harmonics to fetch
at Kostinbrod BUL or Saftica ROU on 7290 or 9510 kHz.

> some loggers are always specifying Bejucal, Bauta or Quivicán as if
> they know for sure.
> Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

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