Hard-Core-DX.com: Ham Station at Radio Vatican HV9SMG

Ham Station at Radio Vatican HV9SMG

Tuesday, April 20 2021

Via Daily DX

New Vatican callsign HV9SMG is from the Vatican Radio
Broadcasting Center in Santa Maria di Galeria (note the "SMG"). 
It will be on the air for six hours April 24, International
Marconi Day, 06-12Z.  The short schedule is to work around Vatican
Radio's high power regular shortwave broadcasts.  HV9SMG will be
on SSB, CW and digital modes, 1500 watts, dipoles for 40, 20 and
10 and a vertical.  QSL bureau or direct via IK0CNA or use eQSL. 
Operating will be hams from ARI Civitavecchia and the YOTA Club
Italy.  On the radio at 1030Z will be Guglielmo Marconi's daughter
Elettra, who has the personal callsign IY0EM.  Organizers are
working up a website.  ARIcivitavecchia has a Facebook page, says
IW0DVV, Mariano.
https://www.qrz.com/db/HV9SMG clear="all">



Jose Jacob, VU2JOS

National Institute of Amateur Radio

Hyderabad, India