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Fw: Radio208 and WMR Newsletter

Monday, June 14 2021

Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

De: "Stig Hartvig Nielsen" <shn@wmr.dk>
Para: "Stig Hartvig Nielsen" <shn@wmr.dk>
Enviado: 14/06/2021 17:08:12
Asunto: Radio208 and WMR Newsletter

Dear Radio208 and/or WMR listener

Transmitter situation

World Music Radio (WMR) has now commenced broadcasting in the 11 metre
band on 25800 kHz as of today, June 14th 2021 at 11 UTC. The power is
100 Watts – or some 250 Watts ERP – and the transmitter site is a 110 m
tall mast in Mårslet in the southern outskirts of Aarhus, Denmark. The
transmitter will be on the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week,
providing very good coverage to Aarhus, the second largest city in
Denmark. Occasionally the signal can also be heard much further afield
when conditions are good. As the sunspot number is increasing – until
the maximum is reached (probably) in the Summer of 2025 – long distance
reception on 25800 kHz will improve.

After four years of struggle, WMR finally began broadcasting on MW 927
kHz from Hvidovre, Copenhagen, on April 14th 2021. Initially with 50
Watts only; power was gradually increased, and is now 250 Watts. Within
the next few weeks the power will be increased to 500 Watts. The
transmitter provides excellent reception in the larger Copenhagen area
and in parts of Zealand and SW Sweden during daytime. Unfortunately a
very powerful, Italian pirate station (supposedly from SW of Milan)
began using 927 kHz a short while after WMR was launched on 927, making
reception of WMR impossible in most parts of Europe, and even causing
severe interference to WMR on 927 kHz in Denmark during evenings and
night time.

WMR continues broadcasting on 5930 kHz with almost 200 Watts from
Bramming in SW Denmark. The work on installing a 500 Watts PA, which was
purchased 1½ years ago, has seen little progress but hasn’t been given
up. Luckily 5930 kHz is a clear channel all day except 2100-2400 UTC.

WMR also continues using 15790 kHz with 200 Watts into a 3 element yagi
beamed south. The transmitter site is north of Randers, and this
transmitter is on the air regularly every Saturday and Sunday at
0700-2000 UTC. During the summer period the transmitter is often kept on
the air continuously from Saturday morning at 0700 until Sunday at 2100
or 2200 UTC. The signal is mainly picked up in Southern Europe, but is
also audible at times in Ireland, northern Scandinavia, Russia, the
Middle East, Northern Africa and Brazil. This weekend will also see a
prolonged schedule: WMR will be on the air on 15790 kHz from June 17th
at 0700 UTC continuously till June 21st at 2200 UTC. Good opportunities
for a great DX catch!

Radio208 continues 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on 1440 kHz from
Ishøj, Copenhagen. The power is 500 Watts. Works very well and is
extremely stable.

After some unlucky events with the shortwave transmitter, Radio208 has
now been running very well on 5970 kHz since February 9th. Power is a
little under 100 Watts. From March 28th the transmitter is on the air
24/7 but the frequency is suffering from interference during evenings
and night time from other users of 5970 kHz. The old 250 Watts
transmitter, which previously was used on 5805 kHz, has been repaired
and it is hoped that this transmitter can be taken into use on 5970
within the next month or two.


A new WMR QSL card has been printed and has been sent out to DX’ers.
Please note that WMR has a new QSL policy: As of January 2021, WMR no
longer issues a full detail eQSL. A printed full detail QSL card is
available if you send your report by mail to World Music Radio, PO Box
112, DK-8960 Randers SØ, Denmark – and if possible enclose return
postage (two duly stamped International Reply Coupons or a five euro
note). A printed full detail QSL card is also available if you send
your report by email, and at the same time make a donation of at least
50 DKK via PayPal to paypal.me/worldmusicradio

The QSL policy of Radio208 remains unchanged for the time being.

Please help keeping AM radio alive – and WMR and Radio208 on the air

Listeners of World Music Radio and Radio208 are kindly invited to send a
donation to cover some of the costs involved with running these two,
non-commercial radio stations. The running costs includes music
royalties (450 euro per month) and electricity costs for the
AM-transmitters. Funds are also needed for paying the huge bills for
getting 927 kHz and 25800 kHz on the air; these projects did indeed cost
an awful lot of money.

Your support is highly appreciated – and all amounts are welcome!!

Please use this link: paypal.me/worldmusicradio - or please make a bank
transfer to Hartvig Media, Hovedvejen 17, DK 8920 Randers – IBAN
DK1093310007162081 – SWIFT KRONDK22 (the bank is Sparekassen
Kronjylland, Mariagervej 47, DK 8920 Randers, Denmark)

Thank you all so much for donations to WMR and Radio208 received in the
past couple of months

Best 73s and good listening,
Stig Hartvig Nielsen,
World Music Radio <http://www.wmr.radio/> / Radio208

Hartvig Media

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25 MHz antenne.jpg

The aerial for 25800 kHz is at the top position
of this 110 m mast located in Mårslet, Aarhus

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