Hard-Core-DX.com: Introducing: Hard-Core-DX Slack Chat

Introducing: Hard-Core-DX Slack Chat

Thursday, June 17 2021

Hi all,

Hard-Core-DX has been a pioneer in connecting shortwave listeners for
nearly 30 years now. In its core it has been emailing lists and web sites
and some other experiments which have either spun to become popular on
their own (e.g. various ham related spotting sites or Online Log which is
very popular in Finland) or not. Today we wanted to try to branch out into
chat using Slack.

This is not the only chat there is... IRC, Facebook, Whatsapp etc have
small circles for shortwave listeners but they have all been closed systems
and not enabling an environment that can be used across devices and have
conversations about any topics we choose. In the corporate world Slack has
revolutionized communications amongst colleagues and partners in different
companies. Much of work in U.S.A. small companies happens nowadays in Slack
and not so much in emails.

*Hard-Core-DX has signed up and created it's very own Slack service*.

If you want to join the HCDX Slack, please click this link and create your
own HCDX Slack account:


Some basic rules of the Slack service:

1. When you join it, you will see some channels that have been created
already. You can join them or if you can't find the topic you'd like to
chat about, please create your own.
2. HCDX will not be in the business of moderating what people are
creating or discussing. If you create a channel, you will choose the
policies of the discussion.
3. This can naturally invite some abuse. We will deal with it with
Slack's policies as time comes.
4. You are welcome to invite your DX friends to the HCDX Slack and grow
the community. Invite happens from menu in upper left corner and link
"Invite people to Hard-Core-DX"
5. Let's keep subjects within shortwave radio, broadcast, utility,
pirate DXing & ham radio if possible to keep the service relevant to us
6. This is an experiment... if it doesn't gain popularity or becomes a
burden, we will shut it down. But for now, if you want to experiment and
see if this is where you want to chat with your DX friends, join the fun.

More information about Slack:



Risto Kotalampi, W6RK
Hayward, California, U.S.A.
Email: risto@kotalampi.com
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