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WMR and Radio208

Saturday, July 17 2021

World Music Radio (WMR) is on 15790 kHz (200W) from now (Saturday 0700 UTC) and continuously till Sunday evening at 22 UTC. Only audible in wide AM. Conditions seem fine this morning.

WMR also on 927 kHz (300W), 5930 kHz (200W) and 25800 kHz (100W) - all three on the air 24/7.

Radio208 has some transmitter problems on 1440 kHz (500W). The transmitter has been on/off for the past few days, and is now off the air. A new attempt to get it back on the air will be made Sunday afternoon.

Radio208 on 5970 kHz (100W) - on the air 24/7.

Something`s always wrong at WMR/Radio208 - but yet keeping SW and MW alive,


Stig Hartvig Nielsen

<http://www.wmr.dk> www.wmr.dk - <http://www.radio208.dk> www.radio208.dk