Hard-Core-DX.com: SWB issue 1981 now available for download

SWB issue 1981 now available for download

Sunday, July 25 2021

Highlights from this issue:
- QSL information and SW-logs
- Australian Radio DX Club (?ARDXC?), WOR
- NZ Radio DX League, WOR
- Russia blocks Radio Prague International?s website on its territory,
- Army. Training of personnel in the use of the radio station. In
Russian.Video - 12:24, RUS-DX
- In Stamps: Who Invented The First Radio? RUS-DX
- NEW HISTORY MATERIAL AT <http://www.ontheshortwaves.com/>
- Netherlands. Re: [nordx] Radio Jong Europa en nykomling på kortvåg, NORDX
- Floods in Germany, Shortwaveservice, WOR
- 6085, Kall Krekel, Radio Mi Amigo International, Manuel Mendez
- WRMI. [WOR] Save The Date: Special Broadcast For Peru's Bicentennial
- Radio receiver R-155U PERLAMUTR, RUS-DX
- Traditional media are dead, long live the new radio, which is nowhere
without digital. RUS-DX
- Flying crane on permafrost. How Yakutia received the highest gift. RUS-DX
- The fines of Radio Liberty for the absence of the foreign agent marking in
the Russian Federation exceeded $ 2.2 million. RUS-DX
- Radio Andorra, A-DX
- [WOR] Galei Tsahal, IDF Radio shutdown in Israel
- [WOR] Delays in new Algerian SW sites
- [WOR] BBC Under Pressure as Boris Johnson Tightens Screws
- DX nostalgia by Ronny Forslund