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Tribute to Ian McFarland

Friday, July 30 2021

Radio Canada International’s former voice of the nation, Ian McFarland, lives the quiet and humble life of a widower on Southern Vancouver Island, near Duncan, British Columbia. To many of us, Ian’s voice guided us through some of the greatest times in shortwave history and into the more troubled and meager phases of the medium.

I, for one, at the impressionable age of 13 composed my first reception reports to RCI in the 1970’s - and felt, like many, that the good times could never end. Times did change, but I’ll always remember the salad days of International broadcasting - and Ian’s tireless dedication and contributions to our seemingly endless selection of content on the dial.

Please join me in acknowledging Ian McFarlands contribution to the world of radio. Please send your comments and well wishes to me, Colin, at rnewell@shaw.ca and I will add them to a giant greeting card in time for his next birthday.

Now in his 80’s I think Ian will appreciate the gesture… legends of radio: may they never be forgotten.

Colin Newell - Victoria - B.C. CANADA -
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