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Raadiyyoni Dirree Shaggar via WRMI Broker

Saturday, July 31 2021

15340 1700-1800 F Dimtse Wegahta (V.of Dawn Tig TDF Issoudun 1-7
jammed by Gedja Ethiopia

use Kiwi SDR remotedly at Kuwait,
I prefer receiver #4
Kuwait Amateur Radio Society KiwiSDR 4

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http://9k2ra-2k.proxy.kiwisdr.com:8073/ see this '2k' URL special


73 wb df5sx

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Sent: Friday, July 30, 2021 10:40 PM
Subject: Re: [WOR] Raadiyyoni Dirree Shaggar via WRMI Broker

Found a translation of the last posted 'broadcast' on their website:
"Sanbatta Waxabajjii 5 Bara". Saturday, June 5 , year 2021.

On Fri, Jul 30, 2021 at 1:39 PM Kai Ludwig <KaiLudwig@t-online.de> wrote:

Same story than yesterday with the alleged return of Radio Assenna (I
forgot to check back today, but perhaps there is no point at all in doing
so): No such transmission on air, neither on 15445 nor on the 15415 shown
up on their webpage (which would be a bad idea, 5 kHz below OLF via

Looking at their website it seems that no further broadcasts went out
after 5 Bara, whatever month this is. And they never posted anything at
to Youtube and Twitter. Case closed it seems...

But what's this on 15400? Before 1700 there was an unidentificable
broadcast, almost completely wiped out by a carrierless noise that
looks/sounds like one of the usual Ethiopian jamming signals against
programming. The unid. transmitter went off at ca. 1658 but the noise
stayed on until at least 1735, now badly ruining BBC via Ascension (at
least if it's in the target area the same than here in Europe).

By the way: Since when uses Vatican Radio such a botched edit of their
interval signal as heard in the program transition around 1700 on 15565?

And perhaps they should reserve the task of presenting English programmes
to staff members who can half-way speak the language. The closure
announcement before 1700 was an unbelievable mess of broken, almost
impossible to understand English.

On the other hand this language department is not exactly known as a home
of reliable journalism anyway. This is particularly noteworth because
things are pretty different in German. Obviously to be credited for this
the former head of this service who passed away on Monday and got an
obituary even from a decidedly leftwing newspaper:

Kai Ludwig

On Thu, May 20, 2021 at 08:44 AM, Glenn Hauser wrote:

FRANCE(non) Project: Raadiyyoni Dirree Shaggar via WRMI Broker from
unknown date {NAME IS SOMALI --- gh}
1700-1730 on 15445 ISS 500 kW / 127 deg to EaAf unknown languages via TDF
The frequency 15445 kHz is included in updated schedule of WRMI Okeechobee
May 10.
Публикувано от Observer в 1:16 PM


M01 Radio Republica 1:00 2:00 1:00 Cuba 11 Espagnol ISS 9490 31 150 4/4/.5
285 234
M02 Radio Republica 1:00 3:00 2:00 Cuba 11 Espagnol ISS 9490 31 150 4/4/.5
285 5671
M03 Radio Manara 7:00 8:00 1:00 Nigeria 46S Haoussa ISS 13710 22 150
4/6/.8 170 7123456
M04 Radio Manara 16:00 17:00 1:00 Nigeria 46S Haoussa ISS 15285 19 150
4/4/.8 170 7123456
M05 Bayto Yiakl USA 16:30 17:00 0:30 East Africa 48 Mul ISS 11760 25 250
4/4/.5 125 36
M06 DimiTsi Wegihta Tigrai 17:00 18:00 1:00 Ethiopie 48W Mul ISS 15340 19
500 4/4/.8 127 7123456
M07 Projet : Raadiyyoni Dirree Shaggar 17:00 17:30 0:30 Ethiopie 48W Mul
ISS 15445 19 500 4/4/.8 128 7123456

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