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Paul Walker Live On BBC WS "NewsDay" Program

Monday, August 02 2021

Back on Tuesday July 27 UTC time, I was listening to the BBC WS' NewsDay
program and they did a short piece on Lydia Jacoby, an olympic athlete from
Seward, AK who won a gold medal, I texted them in just saying Hi and giving
a shoutout to Alaska, since I'm in Alaska. They read my text out on air and
said, jokingly "Weve got a reporter from McGrath on his way to Seward right
now 300 miles away".

I texted them again and said if they really wanted a report from alaska, I
could record something. I included my phone number and 5 minutes later I
got a call from London, and 10 minutes later I was live with their sports
guy talking about it.. not because I know squat about sports, but because
i'm in the media nad I'm in Alaska. It wasnt so much serious reporting as
it was .. kinda cool, we have someone in Alaska type of thing.

I recorded the broadcast of the 15490kHz transmission via Santa Maria de
Galleria (Vatican) to central Africa. Here's the recording:

Paul Walker
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