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BSKSA observations

Wednesday, August 04 2021

SAUDI ARABIA Checked BSKSA and other outlets out of Riyadh and Jeddah,
the 14-15 UT hour on Tuesday Aug 3rd

7240even Farsi Persian likely til 1457 UT,
QRM strong PBS Xizang Lhasa Tibet co-channel.
9650.038 Arabic non-directional via Jeddah? site.
9695even Pashto at 55 degrees
9790.030 Arabic non-directional to Yemen, via Jeddah? site.
13775.015 Urdu at 70 degrees
17614.982 Arabic 190 degrees East AF
17659.999 French at 270 degrees to NorthAF / NoWeAF / and WestAF
audio problem:
- double audio path feed put on air on control center !
17895.064 Arabic at 295 degrees to Mediterranean / WeEUR

nothing heard on 17570, 17705 nor 21505 kHz,
need also Persian time check at 1457-1800 UT slot tomorrow.

clannie programming
11859.962 Yemen Exile program via Jeddah? site
11745.011 Al-Azm Radio via Jeddah? site

73 wb df5sx