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Voice of Vietnam log

Wednesday, August 04 2021

VIETNAM 12020even exact measured at 22.59 UT sign-on
and stn ID in BI given from 23.00 UT,
morning sce in Indonesian 23.00-23.30 UT,
and English at 23.30 UT on July 3rd UTC nigttime,

177 degrees azimuth towards MLA, SNG, INS,
and SouthEast Asian former French empire states.
S=8 sidelobe signal at Hiroshima Perseus remotedly.

has shifted their freq up 1 kc to 12020 vice 12019

they have five transmitter at their disposal at Son Tay,
one of the TX has an frequency deviation on
lower side frequency-wise for several years, let's say a decade.

From archive: noted on 9839.902 kHz in 2009 year,

9839.761 wandered around up to 9839.770 in past decade.

12018.644 up to .722 kHz,
but measured also 12018.936 kHz in September 2016.
73 wb df5sx