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�tf-8?q5BSPAM] Re: LRA36 Radio Nacional Arcá �tf-8?q?ngel San Gabriel

Friday, August 06 2021

Checked now with Pardinho Kiwi SDR. Yes, they are on.

Best Regards,


W dniu 2021-08-06 o 21:14, Wojtek Zaremba pisze:

No, that was on Thursday.

They are heard now (1913 UTC), on Friday August 6th with similar
signal strenght.

Maybe they are now braodcasting daily, like a few years ago?

Best Regards,


W dniu 2021-08-06 o 02:35, Glenn Hauser pisze:

It looks like you are really referring to Thursday August 5, but
LRA36 is not normally on air Thursdays; I did hear it Wednesday
August 4 running so late. Was this post delayed from Wednesday, as
often happens on HCDX?

73, Glenn Hauser
On Thursday, August 5, 2021, 08:27:34 PM GMT+1, Wojtek Zaremba
<wzaremb@poczta.onet.pl> wrote:

Quite good direct reception this evening in Poland around 19:15 UTC

Short clip:

https://youtu.be/XNnLsEx9geU <https://youtu.be/XNnLsEx9geU>

Best Regards,

Wojtek Zaremba, Legionowo, Central Poland

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