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7600 kHz

Thursday, August 19 2021

the one and only superb Z a r y a antenna now on air again ?

ARM Yerevan Gavar _ MW directional Srednyaya Bolshaya Zarya antenna

ARM_26 masts 2.2km long 180 degr

1395 Iran International TV 1500-0300 Persian 500 180 Yerevan-Gavar

or US Kintronics ? at 40 25 16.30 N 45 12 03.94 E

MW 1377 / 1395 kHz - steep angle signal 1000kW 6masts -
mainlobe each 30degrees to select

6-Element Double Cone Skirt Antenna System designed by Kintronic
Laboratories Inc., USA
financed by TWR-USA organization, Febr 2006.

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Do you mean, that you hear R. Iran International nowadays on 1395 kHz?

Mauno Ritola

Alokesh Gupta kirjoitti 19.8.2021 klo 8:08:

7600 kHz - Txer site seems to be Gavar, Yerevan as observed by Roger
at 1709z
Thanks to Roger Thauer

Volant Media is already using Gavar for Radio Iran International
(https://iranintl.com/en/radio <https://iranintl.com/en/radio> )
1395 Iran International TV 1500-0300 Persian 500 180 Yerevan-Gavar

There seems to be a change in txer site at 0230 UTC to Tashkent for
this 24x7 txn, both these sites are used for Radio Iran International.

With best regards,
Alokesh Gupta

On Thu, Aug 19, 2021 at 4:36 AM VU2JOS JOSE JACOB, INDIA
<dx.india@gmail.com <mailto:dx.india@gmail.com>> wrote:

I have been keenly monitoring Afghanistan International TV on
7600 kHz which is broadcasting continuously for the last few days.
Yesterday & today I noticed that at exactly 0230 UTC there is a
sudden drop in signals (from fair signals to very poor signals).
My assumption is that it may be change of transmitter / power
etc. at that time. Request fellow Dxers also to check it then.
Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Jose Jacob, VU2JOS
National Institute of
Amateur Radio
Hyderabad, India
www.niar.org <http://www.niar.org/>
cell: 91 94416 96043

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