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Radio NUG (Myanmar) on SW

Monday, August 30 2021


http://nsk.swl.su:8073/ Novosibirsk, S=3 or -104dBm in Kiwi_net

S = 2-3 or -109dBm tiny very poor signal,
Burmese SoEaAsia music of Myanmar/Thailand buddist mx observed
on excellent world best Perseus SDR unit in western Europe
today Aug 30 at 13.35 - 13.40 UT.
I guess, the NUG frequency selection center brokery, is very incompetent.

S=1 in Japan and Delhi India, Athens Greece. Next corner also

KOREA Dem. Peoples Republic 15244.957 kHz at 13.44 UT English sce
via Voice of Korea Kujang towards Europe northwesterly azimuth target.
Much stronger than 15300 kHz outlet.

73 wb df5sx

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MADAGASCAR/TAIWAN NO SIGNAL of Radio NUG National Unity Government of
Myanmar via Talata on August 30*
0130-0158 on 17710 PAO 250 kW / 205 deg to SEAs Burmese Daily??. Very
good signal via various IBB RMS
1229-1257 on 17710 MDC 250 kW / 055 deg to SEAs Burmese Daily??.
NOTHING via various SDR's in Asia!
1330-1358 on 15300 unknown kW / unknown to SEAs Burmese Daily??,
please check later tofay

На нд, 29.08.2021 г. в 13:21 ч. Wolfgang Bueschel <dg1sbn@t-online.de>

Nothing brilliant to mention
the 17710 kHz signals received today around 13.30-14.00 UT

only S=6-7 signal and noisy
of -83 to -93dBm on SDR unit Kiwi_net
at Delhi-IND, Bandung-INS, Novosibirsk-RUS, or Hanoi VTN.

MGLOB Talata Volonondry Madagascar relay facility
or ENC brokery

need more research into which frequencies,
which time of day in the Burmese SoEastAsia target area,
under the decreasing of daylight in September and October
on the northern half of the earth
and the availability of (Chinese made) small shortwave
receiver devices in Myanmar
are to be tangible and available to the broad masses
to influence the burmese media scene by NUG-Myanmar.

73 wb

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Their Facebook page today has shortwave broadcasts 1230-1300 on 17710,
1330-1400 on 15300 kHz.



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