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China transmitters: Apparent upcoming changes

Wednesday, September 01 2021

CHINA re CRI German service will as of tomorrow
be replaced by music-only...

CHINA CRI Sept 1st check on Kiwi_net remotedly in southern Germany:

1800-1957 French 11695/Kash S=9+30 -41dBm, 9480/Xi S=9+40 -30dBm
German 11775/Kash S=9+35 -38dBm, 11650/Ur S=9+45 -28dBm,
7395/Kash S=9+35 -40dBm Music
1830-1927 Arabic 13685/Mali S=9+30 -45dBm, 11640/Mali S=9+20 -54dBm
1830-2027 French 9645/Kun S=9+25 -45dBm, 7350/Ur S=9+25 -51dBm
1900-1927 Czech 9515/Be S=9+40 -33dBm, 7415/Ur S=9+35dB -42dBm Music
Hungarian 9560/Ur S=9+45 -28dBm, 7435/Xi S=9+30 -46dBm
Romanian 6090/Ur S=9+35 -40dBm Music
1900-1957 Albanian 7385/Kash S=9+35 -38dBm, 6020/SZG S=9+30 -45dBm Music
Cantonese 11895/Kash S=9+40 -33dBm, 7215/Be S=9+40 -36dBm Music
English 9440/Kun S=9+10 -54dBm, 7295/Kash S=9+30 -46dBm
Portuguese 11750/Jin S=9+40 -33dBm, 9765/Be S=9+30 -45dBm,
9730/Kash S=9+45 -32dBm, 9535Be2 S=9+25 -51dBm,
7205/Xi S=8-9 -70dBm, 5985/Be S=9+10 -67dBm Music
Russian 9525/Be S=9+40 -33dBm, 7245/Be2 S=9+20 -55dBm,
6110/Xi S=9+25 -51dBm, 1521/?
Turkish 9655/Kun S=9+40 -35dBm, 7255/Kun S=9+35 -51dBm
1930-1957 Czech 7415/Ur S=9+35 -39dBm
Portuguese 13630/Mali S=9 -77dBm, 11640/Mali S=9 -68dBm Music
Romanian 7435/Xi S=9+35 -40dBm, 6090/Ur S=9+35 -40dBm Music
1930-2027 Esperanto 9745/Ur S=9+45 -28dBm, 7265/Ur S=9+40 -33dBm
2000-2027 Serbian 9585/Kash S=9+45 -27dBm, 7390/Xi S=9+35 -37dBm,
7325/Ur S=9+40 -33dBm
2000-2057 Chinese 9865/Kun S=9+20 -49dBm, 7440/Be S=9+35 -42dbm,
7335/SZG S=9+35 -39dBm, 7255/Kash S=9+10 -58dBm,
7205/Xi S=8-9 -73dBm
English 9600/Kash S=9+45 -28dB, 9440/Kun S=9+40 -41dBm,
7415/Kash S=9+35dB -42dBm, 7295/Kash S=9+20 -48dBm,
5985/Be S=9+5 -69dBm
Polish 7305/Ur S=9+35 -39dBm, 6020/SZG S=9+35 -42dBm Music
Russian 9525/Be S=9+45 -28dBm, 7245/Be2 S=9+30 -47dBm
2000-2157 Arabic 13630/Mali weak, 11640/Mali weak,
6100/Xi S=9+15 -56dBm Music
English 9600/Kash S=9+45 -27dBm, 7285/Xi S=9+35dB -37dBm

Endless Chinese MUSIC ONLY programme heard tonight on German !,
Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, and partly Arabic languages also ?

Music programme check should be repeated in coming days again.

73 wb

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Oh, I forgot to propose a second 24-h-frequency per band offering the
finest of Chinese Crash and Bang with a dedication to foreign services: "be
ye warned that China is not interested in your broadcasting in our
languages especially minority languages like Uighur and Tibetan." Would
that open up much space for a redevelopment of international broadcasting
services. (Dr Hansjoerg Biener 1 September 2021)

Am Mi., 1. Sept. 2021 um 18:26 Uhr schrieb Hansjörg Biener <

So the final CRI programme in German was this morning's repeat programme.
At least I like music. What about a 24-h-frequency per m-band with a World
Service of Chinese Music and a TRT like reel "CRI in Deutsch", "CRI in
italiano" "CRI em português". They could even take the number of language
they serve to yet unknown heights by including more European languages and
even minority languages like Bavarian or Saxonian,
(Dr Hansjoerg Biener 1 September 2021)

Am Mi., 1. Sept. 2021 um 18:13 Uhr schrieb Kai Ludwig <

Either the remaining core service of German will as of tomorrow be
replaced by music-only, too

And so it happens. Program opening "Hier ist Radio China International"
only followed by music back-to-back, with no spoken word whatsoever. No
announcement "radio service has discontinued" with referral to web
presence, no nothing. Burning up about seven megawatt hours a day for
nothing, joining all the airtime of former broadcasts that went to
music-only already two years ago.

For how many years to they plan to continue this nonsense? Is it bragging
("see, we can afford it!!") or just plain incompetence?
Kai Ludwig

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