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DX Jogging 3-9

Saturday, September 04 2021

Some differentmonitoring on the 50x50 m piscine Time 17+ keeping it on hand while fast walking. The noise as stated in the previous message of august 5th is nowdifferent as typical house noise.Point gods mountain village

9420/9870/11630/9630  Signals from CNR havebeen heard with nearly local signal on the PL380 with levels as noticed  with 65+/15 in the radio display with some minimalQRN on 9890 and 9420. Before TOH (1700) Uighur service was airing  an (or seemingly )Indian song

15825 washeard with the local noise at 253x2

7600 for Afghanistanwith a S40 signal at 17. At 19+ noisey at S30 only nearby the house
Many signalson the 11MB bands were heard with S40 and over
6070 on 1920-40withTumbril with S30/15 mean  with classical andorgan music again near the house1

Field checkingon FM (17z+)
100.3 transistorfrom Thessaloniki was mixed with BNR HOrizont Around 40/60
102.3 BNR2 bulgariawas winning reception over Akrites by 80/20 waling over the square
105.3 Shkutibad reception but no QRM



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