Hard-Core-DX.com: LRA 36 new team 2022

LRA 36 new team 2022

Tuesday, October 19 2021


"Four women will be in charge of LRA 36 Radio Nacional in Antarctica


Romina Zabalza is one of the three producers who, together with a
technical operator, make up the team that in 2022 will be in charge of
LRA 36 Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, which operates in Antarctica
Argentina and broadcasts from Base Esperanza, on 15476 kHz 19-meter
shortwave band and 97.6 MHz FM.

Romina told us that she is a dentist, a native of Tucumán, that she
belongs to the Navy and that she will travel next February with her
family to the Esperanza Base to join the 2022 work teams.

Together with the producers María Rodríguez, Claudia Albarracín and the
technical operator Mariela Churquina, she is undergoing the
corresponding training to take on the task during the summer and for the
whole of next year.

He expressed that it is "an enormous pride" to assume "with a lot of
responsibility" the work in charge of Radio Nacional's radio station and
told details of the official presentation of the new staff held yesterday.

The ceremony was in charge of the Minister of Defense, Jorge Taiana; the
president of Radio y Televisión Argentina (RTA), Rosario Lufrano; the
vice-president of RTA, Osvaldo Santoro, and the Director of Radio
Nacional, Alejandro Pont Lezica, among other authorities."


Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain