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Ethiopia missing?

Tuesday, October 19 2021

yes, and Intruder Band Watch of Amateur radio operators
report a lot of broadcast intruder signal on hx 14220 kHz in past days.

7110 kHz Ethiopian service since 5. / 6. September 2021 on air again,
has been not heard on that 7110 kHz frequency since April 2011,
though 10 1/2 years inactive in service.

At the same time,
the 4 regular Gedja-ETH channels are only irregular on air,
5950, 6030, 6090 and 6110 kHz only 1 - 2 TX on the air heard recently,
as if they are currently are very incorrectly disturbed (?),

and a 10 1/2 year old decommissioned
'FIXED frequency reserve transmitter'
went back into operation as a replacement transmitter ?

7110 kHz is also early on air in the morning with Carrier from
approx. 03.58z,
Program feed activation about later at about 04.05z
until the fade-out until 08.30 CEST / 06.30 UTC here in Europe.

vy73 de Wolfy df5sx P11

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Oct 19 - Briefly checked *Radio Ethiopia (Home Service)* on 7110, about 1425
UT and yes, they were on the air as usual. Ron (Calif.)

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