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World of Radio Hitlist Update

Sunday, November 07 2021

Sent: Sunday, November 7, 2021

Hi Glenn

My latest Hitlist update.


1) Updated DST offsets indicators for : Cuba, USA
2) Aggregator - WRN: Updated links to schedules from A-21 to the new B-21 period
3) Australia - Unique radio: Updated link to podcasts (now hosted via Podomatic instead of Soundcloud)
4) Canada - Bible Voice: Updated link to current B-21 freq schedule
5) Canada - RCI: Deleted obsolete link to "The Link" archive.
6) Germany - R Joystick: Corrected my typo in the link to home page
7) Spain - REE: Updated link to REE freq page for B-21.
8) Spain - R Mi Amigo: Added links to archive podcasts hosted on MixCloud for presenters: Paul Newman, Bruno Hantson & Lion Keezer
9) USA - R Marti: Deleted link to obsolete (B18) frequency schedule (I haven't found a more current link). Deleted obsolete link to Tú Eres la Música archive and added link to Arte Express archive

The next update is scheduled for early December.

Best wishes and 73

Alan Roe, UK

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