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SWLDXBulgaria News, November 19

Saturday, November 20 2021

SWLDXBulgaria News, November 19 (publications №28371-№28385)
CUBA Reception of Radio Habana Cuba RHC in Spanish on 6100 kHz via
Bauta, November 19:
1200-1400 on 6100 BAU 100 kW / 340 deg to WNAm Spanish. Fair via SDR
Frostburg MD, USA
Again wrong A-21 time & freq. annuncement. Something`s always wrong at
Radio Habana Cubahttps://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com/2021/11/radio-habana-cuba-in-spanish-on-6100.html

GERMANY(non) Reception of Bible Voice Broadcasting BVB on 9450 kHz
via MBR Nauen, November 19:
0502-0517 on 9450 NAU 250 kW / 120 deg to N/ME Arabic/English Fri.
Very good via SDR Tambov

GREECE Reception of Voice of Greece in Greek on 9420 kHz Avlis via
SDR Tambov Russia, November 19
till 0805 on 9420 AVL 150 kW / 323 deg to WeEu Greek
First(Proto)Program tx#3. Very good & off

GUAM Winter B-21 DRM schedule of KTWR Trans World Radio

GUAM(non) Reception of BRB Living Water Ministry on 7515 kHz via
KTWR Agana, November 19:
1515-1615 on 7515 TWR 200 kW / 320 deg to NEAs Korean Tue-Fri. Very
good via SDR Tambov

NUMBERS STATION Very good signal of Cuban Spy Number HM01 on 9330
kHz via Bejucal on November 19
0657-0747 on 9330*BEJ 050 kW / unknown to Eu/Am Spanish
Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri via SDR Milford PA in USA
* weak signal 9330 BCQ 500 kW / 076 deg to PORT Portuguese World's
Last Chance WLCRadio via

NUMBERS STATION E07 English Man on 15823 kHz via SDR Tambov RUS, November 19
0700-0710 on 15823 unknown secret tx site to Eu English USB mode. Fair
to goodhttps://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com/2021/11/reception-of-e07-english-man-on-15823_20.html

ROMANIA Radio Romania International frequencies scheduled as inactive
via TIGANESTI tx#1 returned on air, being temporarily via GALBENI

RUSSIA Reception of Radio Purga in DRM mode, November 19:
0525&0550 on 9850*K/A 020 kW / 034 deg to FERu Music ONLY,
till 0620 on 9850*K/A 020 kW / 034 deg to FERu and off air
*unregistered, in B21 HFCC Database is registered 15325 kHz
Very good signal plus decoding via SDR Kanuma Tichigi

TAIWAN(non) Reception of National Unity Radio Free Chosun on 6115
kHz via Tamsui, November 19
1100-1358 on 6115 TSH 300 kW / 352 deg to NEAs Korean. Weak to fair
signal via SDR Tambov,

TAIWAN(non) Frequency change of Radio Free Asia RFA in Korean via
Paochung eff.from November 19
1200-1258 NF 9700 PAO 300 kW / 002 deg to NEAs Korean, ex 9580. Good
signal via SDR Tambov,

TAIWAN(non) Reception of Radio Free Asia in Korean on 9460 via
Paochung, November 19:
1300-1358 on 9460 PAO 300 kW / 002 deg to NEAs Korean. Good signal
via SDR Tambov,

USA Very good signal of WRNO in Hindi on 7505 kHz via New Orleans, November 19
from 0458 on 7505 RNO 050 kW / 020 deg to ENAm Hindi via SDR Milford,
PA in USAhttps://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com/2021/11/wrno-in-hindi-on-7505-khz-via-new_20.html

USA Very good signal of WRNO in English on 7505 kHz via New Orleans,
November 19
from 0603 on 7505 RNO 050 kW / 020 deg to ENAm English via SDR
Milford, PA in USAhttps://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com/2021/11/wrno-in-english-on-7505-khz-via-new_20.html

USA Very good signal of WRNO in Chinese on 7505 kHz via New Orleans,
November 19
from 1143 on 7505 RNO 050 kW / 020 deg to ENAm Chinese via SDR
Milford, PA in USAhttps://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com/2021/11/wrno-in-chinese-on-7505-khz-via-new_20.html


73! Ivo Ivanov

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