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World of Radio Hitlist Update

Friday, November 26 2021

Sent: Thursday, November 25, 2021, 09:58:00 PM GMT+1
Subject: World of Radio Hitlist Update

Hi Glenn,

My latest Hitlist update.

A huge thank you to Peter Jones who has run the HitList through a URL checker and as a result identified a number of broken links or links which re-direct to new pages. This has prompted a thorough review of the HitList (the entries that I have fixed which were highlighted by Peter as broken are indicated by *PG below).

1) The Google translate "button" had stopped working for many links due to a change in the way that Google Translate works, although many also redirect to new format and still work. All buttons fixed to new format (Algeria, Brazil, Cuba, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Lao, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Spain, Turkey) (*PG)
2) Some general maintenance performed on underlying text file to improved guide/rule lines across page
3) Angola - R Nac Angola: Updated link to home page and live stream (*PG)
4) Argentina - RAE: Link to frequencies now links to an up to date schedule. Label corrected (Thx to Peter Jones in WORiog)
5) Azerbaijan - R Baku: Updated link to R Baku programmes; removed obsolete link to radio live stream (*PG)
6) Bangladesh - Bangladesh Betar: Removed obsolete link to radio live stream (*PG); removed obsolete link to frequency page (exists, but is blank)
7) Belarus - R Belarus: Updated link to programmes webpage (*PG).
8) Bhutan - BBS: Updated link to Live Stream (*PG); added link to programme schedule.
9) Brazil - R Nac Amazonia: Removed link to Facebook page (seemingly no longer exists) (*PG)
10) Brazil - R Nac Brasilia: Removed link to Facebook page (seemingly no longer exists) (*PG)
11) Brazil - R Voz Missionária: Added links to this station
12) Cuba - R Progreso: Updated link to live stream (*PG)
13) Czech Rep - R Prague Int: removed link to obsolete programme page (*PG)
14) Ecuador - HCJB: Added links to Facebook pages; additional link to programmes and link to livestream
15) Egypt - R Cairo: Removed links to non-working live streams (Thx to Peter Jones: email from R Cairo advising that they are not going to be fixed)
16) Germany - Deutsche Welle: Updated link to DW live stream
17) Germany - Hamburger Lokal Radio: Removed links to obsolete shortwave programme and frequency pages and updated links to live stream (*PG)
18) Germany - Media Broadcast: Updated link to the Freq Schedule to B-21
19) Greece - ERT Trito Programmes: Fixed link that incorrectly connected to Deftero programmes
20) Guinea - RT Guinee: Removed link to Facebook page (seemingly no longer exists) (*PG)
21) India - AIR: Updated links (*PG); added link to AIR Youtube News Channel
22) Indonesia - VOI: Removed link to obsolete programme page and updated link to live stream (*PG): TO FIX LINKS (*PG)
23) Japan - NHK World: Updated link to on-demand webpage (*PG)
24) Netherlands - Mighty KBC: Updated link to live stream (*PG)
25) Palau - Hope R: Removed obsolete links (*PG)
26) Philippines - FEBC: Removed obsolete libk to frequencies (*PG): updated links to FEBC Philippines & FEBC International
27) Philippines - R Pilipinas: Updated links (*PG)
28) philippines - R Veritas Asia: Removed obsolete liks (*PG)
29) Poland - R Poland: Updated links to frequencies and programme schedules (*PG); updated links online and podcasts
30) Russia - R Rossi: Removed obsolete links to old Aerostat podcasts and playlists (*PG)
31) Sudan - R Tamazuj: Updated link to broadcast archive (*PG); removed link to onsolete frequency information
32) Syria - R Damascus: Updated link to homepage (*PG)
33) Taiwan - R Taiwan Int: Updated link to current programme schedule
34) Tanzania - TBC: Update link to livestream (although note that the live stream doesn't work on my device for some reason) (*PG)
35) UK - BBCWS: Updated obsolete iplayer links to BBC Sounds Live & Podcasts and the A-Z programme search (*PG)
36) USA - KNLS: Removed link to an obsolete programme page (*PG)
37) USA - KVOH: Removed link to an obsolete live stream link (*PG)
38) USA - VOA: Updated link to VOA Daily schedule (*PG)
39) UK - WMRI Europe: Added link to WMRI Live stream player
40) USA - WEWN: Updated link to WEWN live stream (*PG); Added link to Fe Hecha Cancion podcasts
41) Vatican - Vatican News: Removed link to obsolete RSS feed (*PG)
42) Zanzibar - ZBC: Removed link to inactive domain (placeholder entry retained in case domain is revived) (*PG)

The next update is scheduled for the end of December.

Best wishes and 73

Alan Roe

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