Hard-Core-DX.com: WOW!! Alaska AM DX Nov 28

WOW!! Alaska AM DX Nov 28

Sunday, November 28 2021

Well, today was INTERESTING!

Had a weak but readable NRK P1 Svalbard on 1485, Iran was pretty strong and
clear in short spurts on 1449 when escaping the 1khz het from KLAM 1450
thats 350 miles away! both occurred between 1640 and 1730.

Then shortly after 1740utc, the door flew open to more.. Talk Sport 1089
and Absolute on 1215 were in fairly to pretty good in decent spurts.

I also had Moldova on 1413 decently enough but not great. Radio Sawa,
Kuwait on 1548khz showed up fairly well.

I also had what i'm nearly 100 percent positive is from Romania, but unsure
yet if its Radio romania Actualitati or Radio Constanta. It was definately
"slavic" in nature and I even heard the word Romania, but couldnt make out
much else while live listening

Paul Walker
McGrath, Alaska
CC skywave & 5" DeBock FSL antenna
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