Hard-Core-DX.com: Just HOW STURDY Are The FSL Antennas?

Just HOW STURDY Are The FSL Antennas?

Monday, November 29 2021

Gary.. sorry, but I accidentally tested the Paul Walker variant in a way
you hadnt intended, yet proved how sturdy this thing is in the process.

I was coming in from outside, and put the tote container down that had the
FSLs on top and the toe tipped backwards and one of the FSL's hit the
ground... it had been so cold outside the schedule 40 pvc pipe leg broke
off on the right side, where it's holding the tuner knob .. when the device
hit the floor.

I grabbed a zip tie and some tape, secured the leg.. and i'm back in
business. The tuner knob, the metal parts, the wiring, all still completely
intact, unharmed and working just fine!

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