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Thursday, December 02 2021

It's been somewhat meager transpolar openings but what I've had, has been
good. All recorded in McGrath, Alaska 250 miles NW of Anchorage with a CC
Skywave (non SSB model), 5" DeBock tunable FSL antenna and Zoom H1 handheld
digital recorder connected directly to the output of the radio. Sorry, no
URLK shorteners this time for my audio links.. was taking topo much time to
create them and always came up with a few errors each time.

1026kHz Radio Tabriz, Azarshahr, Iran at 1819UTC on Sat Nov 27th with 2 men
talking. Not the best signal I've ever had from them, but far form the
worst and certainly understandable by a native farsi speaker. 200KW via
5377 mile transpolar path. Audio:

1053kHz Radio lasi. Lasi Romania at 1738UTC on Sun Nov 28th with woman
talking in romanian. No idea what kind of show this is. You can clearly
hear my local airport beacon, VTR 350kHz beeping away in the background.
1050khz is its 3rd harmonic and it runs a blistering 1KW from barely 2
miles away! 400kw via 4827 mile transpolar path. Audio:

1062kHz TRT Radyo 1, Diyarbakir Turkey at 1657UTC on Sat Nov 27th with a
man loudly and excitedly talking then what sounds like possibly a program
promo. Signal wasn't that great and didnt last long. I've had them much
better for much longer later in the winter, last year. 300kw via 5392 mile
transpolar path. Audio:

1089kHz Talk Sport UK at 1742UTC on Sun. Nov 28th with man talking on the
phone with british accent. First time heard this season and not nearly as
strong as I've heard it before. 500kw via 4417 mile transpolar path.
(assuming 500kw Droitwich transmitter, no echo heard)

1215kHz Absolute Radio UK on Sun. Nov 28th at 1745UTC with "Mysterious
Ways" by U2 4417 or so mile transpolar path depending on which of the two
higher powered 1215 transmitters I heard. This one is rare here, 1089 Talk
Sport is my most common UK signal. 1215 audio:

1386kHz Radio Baltic Waves International, Viesintos Lithuania at 1725UTC on
Sat Nov 27th with an absolutely glorious signal during some instrumental
music during a Radio Poland program. 75KW via 4240 mile transpolar path

1413kHz Vesti FM, Grigoriopol Moldova, at 1728UTC on Mon Nov 22 with man
talking in Russian by phone. Later in the recording is a female doing a
news report. Nolt a bad signal this time, but not the best I've ever heard
them because the signal can be very clear at times, almost like a semi
local. 400kw via 4820 mile transpolar path. Audio:

1485kHz NRK P1 Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway at 1645UTC on Wed Nov 24th.
The station playing pop music held out fairly well on and off for over 5
minutes, about the clearest I've ever heard it and the longest too. Most
times they aren't as good and only last 10-20-30 seconds. 1KW via 2675
mile transpolar path. Audio:

1530kHz Radio Romania Actualitati, Radauti Romania on Sun Nov 28th at
1803UTC. Starts off with woman talking, sounds like some kind of news
report of some kind, but just a guess based upon the inflection of the
voice and the time. Man starts talking at 29 seconds and at 39 seconds, you
hear him say the name of the station, "Radio Romania Actualitati". Two
1530kHz transmitters exist in Romania but this is the only one on the
Actualitati network, the other runs programming from their Constanta
network. 15KW non directional via 5017 miel transpolar path. Audio:

1548kHz Radio Sawa, Al-Kuwayt, Kuwait at 1723UTC on Mon Nov 22nd. Signal
isn't the best, but at times good enough a native speaker would easily
understand what's being said during this talk or interview show. 600kw via
5928 mile transpolar path. Audio:
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