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Radiodiffusion Nationale du Soudan

Wednesday, December 08 2021

see WRTH 2021 page #496 under Sudan Omdurman,
from Perseus Userlist Aoki Nagoya DX circle Japan.

9505 1630-1715 SDN Voice of Africa French Al Aitahab
9505 1715-1800 SDN Voice of Africa English Al Aitahab
9505 1800-1900 SDN Voice of Africa Hausa Al Aitahab

wb df5sx

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From: "Philby" <swlfrance@gmail.com>

Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2021 6:42 PM
Subject: [WOR] Radiodiffusion Nationale du Soudan

is that an error but La Voix d'Afrique
was heard today at 16h45 utc on 7205 kHz in French,
until 17h00 (Radio China start his program in esperanto) with a good
reception in France.

After 17h00 utc I used a kiwisdr at Nairobi with a good reception, the
speaker say that La Voix d'Afrique has the following schedule : 16h30-17h15
in french on 9505 kHz and 17h15-18h00 in english on 9505 kHz. No mention of
7205 kHz.

Nicolas (near paris / France with NRD525 double crossed loop LZ1AQ)

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