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Sunlite Radio eQSL letter

Thursday, December 09 2021

Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

NETHERLANDS, 5955, Sunlite Radio, Westdorpe, received email with letter
and eQSL in 3 days.

Reception report sent to: qsl@sunlite.nl

Here is the text and a pdf compressed file, 43 KB, with the eQSL:

"Hello shortwave-listener,

Thank you very much for your reception report to our brand new
radiostation Sunlite. Please find attached your Sunlite E-QSL letter.

Since the start of the shortwave broadcasts on December 4th at 14.00
hours UTC on 5955 khz, we’ve received hundreds of reception reports.
Unfortunately due to a lack of time at this stage I’m not able to answer
everyone personally, but in this email I hope to answer most of the
questions I got over the past few days from the DX-community.

Sunlite is broadcasting at this stage with 75 watts carrierpower using
a borrowed transmitter manufactured in Greece on 5955 khz from our
TX-site in the village of Overslag near the Belgian town of Zelzate.
Overslag is part of a small area called Westdorpe and that’s why
sometimes you’ll read Overslag and another time Westdorpe but it’s all
the same. The tower is 100 metres high but the inverted V-antenna has
been mounted on a height of 30 meters and consists of a Teflon 1:1 RF

Before Christmas the transmitter will come on air that currently is
being specially manufactured for Sunlite by our Dutch
transmitter-engineer Johnny Tax. Also for us it appeared to a problem to
get transmitter components delivered in time. But all the components are
now in our possession and our eventual very own Sunlite-transmitter will
be ready for use in a week or 2. The TX-power will then increase to 400
watts carrier.

Sunlite is part of RadioCorp; a Dutch mediacompany based in Naarden in
the Netherlands. Older DX-ers may like to know that the premises of
Sunlite is the same as the headquarters as offshore radiostation Radio
Northsea International in the early 1970’s, the so called “Hofstede” in
Naarden-Bussum, just outside Amsterdam.

Some listeners mentioned that they miss DJ’s. However, Sunlite is
primarily aimed at a domestic audience in the Netherlands and can be
heard all over the Netherlands on DAB+ and online. Sunlite is a nonstop
softpop musicstation without DJ’s but if there would have been DJ’s
these DJ’s would present in Dutch. Also, in the event you’d love to hear
Dutch DJ’s talking in Dutch, feel free to tune in online to one of our
other radiostations 100% NL (www.100p.nl) or SLAM! (www.slam.nl) and
we’d be very happy to serve you there.

I hope you’ll continue to enjoy Sunlite on 5955 khz.
Herbert Visser
Sunlite Radio"

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