Hard-Core-DX.com: Special KSKO Broadcast On WRMI Shortwave

Special KSKO Broadcast On WRMI Shortwave

Monday, December 20 2021

A Reminder, its this Friday local time/Saturday UTC. Just fun and good
music, nothing more nothing less.


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Join me, Paul Walker, on WRMI Shortwave for a special broadcast on WRMI
Shortwave being relayed from NPR/community radio station KSKO 89.5 McGrath,
Alaska where I work as Program Director

It’ll take place Saturday December 25th 0400-0600UTC on 5850kHz to the east
coast US and 7730kHz to the west coast US, Canada along with Hawaii, and
the South Pacific (NZ, Aus, etc)

I will give out a phone number during the show where you can call with
requests since it’ll be a live show. We don’t have QSL cards or anything
but if you want confirmation of reception, keep the email short and sweet
with the usual needed details and send me a note:

(5850kHz has a pretty wide beam and despite being directed at Vancouver,
it’s often quite audible in the eastern US. 7330kHz is beamed towards the
US/Mexico border which affords 7730 better coverage of the Pacific Ocean
region countries )
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