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RT Zanzibar 6015

Tuesday, December 21 2021

But this Tue Dec 21 morning heard excellent signal from Makeni Ranch in
Zambia, VoHope 9680.004 and 11680even 9 kHz wide audio, in ME, NY, NJ states
and in Alberta CAN, remotedly.

Also CUB 4764.998 kHz,
English UK "Love Me" song heard on R Progreso Bejucal at 03.52 UT.

USA 5800even WRMI in Spanish heard, and also short stn annmt "Radio
Republica" (?); S=7 fair at 03.55 UT.

CUBA 5910even CRI Latin America relay site of Quivican heard at 04.00 UT
end of English, start of Cantonese sce til 05 UT. S=9+5dB in NY and ME
remotedly. Nice audio today, not so much low modulated

RHC En heard after 04.00 UT on 5999.998QUI and 6165kHz even from Bauta site.

RHC Spanish heard on 6060, 9535.005, 9650.004, 11670even S=8 at 04.35,
11850 and 13740even from Bauta.
BUT NOT 11760 kHz !

BRAZIL much strong well propagation from Brazil:
10 kHz wideband audio on 9666.351 kHz at 04.24 UT and also Bras Central on

ROMANIA 6020even RRI Bucharest via Galbeni site in English, with a lot of
news of vacination matter. S=9+10dB into Rochester NY, news at 04.06 UT,
7 Mill people vaccinated though.
73 wb.

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Hi Bruce - Good to learn they are being well heard again. Seems they
recently had some problems, as they were off the air for a while. Ron

ZANZIBAR. 6015, ZBC Radio. Heard again at *0330 UT, on Nov 28. Thanks to
Harold Sellers, who motivated me to check here again. Came
on with an extremely weak signal; very slowly improved; at 0340, the usual
brief chanting, making for a positive Zanzibar ID. In light of today's
decent Zambia reception, I would have expected this to be much stronger than
it was. Are they back now at a reduced power? Ron (California)

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