Hard-Core-DX.com: VIDEO: An Introduction to AM DX Tests

VIDEO: An Introduction to AM DX Tests

Sunday, January 02 2022

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Loyd has produced another great video for his YouTube channel. DX Central
provides some of the best, and most interesting content for DX’ers.

A few notes about why the NRC CPC decided to change our standards for QSL
verifications from DX Tests:

- All the work is done by volunteers whose time is limited.

- Written DX Reports require considerably more time to verify than a short
recording. There are lots of reasons for this; stations are provided with
test material but often alter it to include their own programming,
announcements, etc. Getting an accurate record of what the station recorded
can be a challenge. DX’ers clock in the shack may be off by several minutes
or more, making it hard to verify the sequence of reported parts of their
reception, etc. Trust me, it’s labor intensive. We still welcome them, and
try to include them in the reports.

- We’re also specifying emailed reception files in .mp3, .wav, or .mp4
video format. These are the easiest for us to verify, and the videos make
great material for Loyd to include on his YouTube channel.

- “Legacy formats” such as cassettes, Compact Disc (CD), or 1/4”
reel-to-reel simply require too much time and legacy equipment. We can’t
continue to support those.

- Reports submitted by mail (USPS) are no longer required. Again, it’s the
time factor. Email is faster and easier for our volunteers to deal with.
Send all reception reports via email if it’s a CPC verification test.

- The explosion of remote SDR’s have lead to a sub-hobby of people “DXing”
using their computer versus an actual radio. This allows people to hear DX
tests that might otherwise be impossible due to propagation or time of day.
The problem is that some abused this by requesting QSLs for as many as 15
remote SDR’s in a single test. We now limit these requests to a single QSL
request for only one remote SDR.

We also require that any such reception be clearly identified. We have had
a few instances where people attempted to claim reception of a DX Test at a
given location, without revealing that it was heard by the use of an
internet-accessed SDR.

Personally, while I enjoy listening to remote SDRs for entertainment, I
don’t consider it DX’ing. The only exception is people who build their own
remote SDRs, antenna systems, etc in remote locations—this is common by
some Arctic DX’ers for instance. Simply benefiting from someone else’s
labor and expense to hear stations doesn’t seem like an individual
accomplishment (but your mileage may vary) To each their own.

We hope you’ll continue to enjoy the DX Tests that the CPC is able to
arrange. If you have a relationship with someone who works at an AM Radio
station and think they might be willing to do a test in the future, please
let us know. We need all the help we can get.

Thanks to Joe, Loyd, George, and Paul for all their hard work!


Les Rayburn, N1LF
121 Mayfair Park
Maylene, AL 35114

NRC & IRCA Courtesy Program Committee Chairman

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XDR-F1HD [XDR Guy Modified], Dennon TU-1500RD, Sangean HDT-1X, Ray Dees RDS
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On Jan 1, 2022, at 7:38 PM, DX Central <w4lvhsc@gmail.com> wrote:

Now showing!
An Introduction to AM DX Tests - get ready for the upcoming DX Tests in
Montana (next week) and South Dakota (The following week) with this
refresher on DX tests and what you can expect to hear!
As a reminder we will be back live for DX Central LIve! next week in
advance of and during the KJJR DX Test. Stay tuned for details.
Hope this video helps you prepare for these upcoming tests (and more are on
the way!)

73 and best of DX!

Loyd Van Horn

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