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CRI missing

Sunday, January 09 2022

In RSA Kiwi-amateur radio gear


(ZR6AIC) Kiwi amateur radio SDR Server in South of Johannesburg South Africa

11640 and 13645 kHz
CRI Africa Bamako Mali relay, S=9+10dB or -68dBm 18.03 UT Jan 9th

1700-1800 Cantonese 7325uru, 7220xia
Croatian 9410kas, 7335bei
English 9880nnn, 9570bei, 7435jin, 7420kun, 7410kas, 7255kas,
7235kas, 7205bei, 6175nnn, 6165bei, 6140kas, 6100bei,
6090kun, 1323htb-xin, 1080xua-yun
Esperanto 7420xia, 7205bei
Hindi 5910kun, 1269xua-yun
Russian 7410bji, 7265uru, 6070xia, 6040uru, 5915kas,
Swahili 15125bko, 13645bko, 7245xia, 5985bei <<<<
1730-1830 Chinese 9695kun, 7445uru, 7315kun, 7305uru, 6150szg
Hausa 13645bko/11640bko from 1800, 9685kun, 9450kas <<<<
1800-1830 Persian 7415xia, 7325bei
1800-1900 Chaozhou 7285xia, 6010uru
English 7210bei, 6100bei
Italian 7435jin, 7340kas
Russian 7255szg, 7240uru, 6070bei, 1521htb-xin
1800-2000 French 7360xia
German 9615uru, 7395kas, 6160xia
1830-1900 Bulgarian 9695kun, 7265uru, 6020szg
Persian 7415xia, 7325bei
1830-1930 Arabic 13685bko, 11640bko <<<<

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From: Andy Reid

Sent: Sunday, January 09, 2022 4:06 PM
Subject: Re: [WOR] CRI missing
17630 now on at 1505 December 9 but it was not there yesterday

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