Hard-Core-DX.com: KVRI 1600 Blaine, WA

KVRI 1600 Blaine, WA

Saturday, January 15 2022

This station targets the punjab community in the Vancouver area and not
exactly a surprise, but it is incredibly strong here. It's 10KW/6 tower
night pattern is right along the waterfront and beams right up the coast.
If I draw a line from it's tower array and main lobe, its pointed almost
dead center at my general area.

Not unexpected but still amazing considering KVRI is 1500 miles away! They
are my most consistent station... the strongest, most regular. I hear the
50kw'ers from Vancouver 1320,, 1470, 1130, 730, etc.... but this one tops
them all by noticeable amounts.

Here's some audio of the station with the audio filter widened to 6khz on
my CC CRane Skywave with my FSL loop tuned up:

Paul Walker
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