Hard-Core-DX.com: SWB issue 1996 now available for download

SWB issue 1996 now available for download

Sunday, February 20 2022

Highlights from this issue:
- QSL information and SW-logs.
- Verification from National Radio of Cambodja. Mick Delmage
- New receiver from Nico Palermo & Elad Srl and Microtelecom Srl. Nico Palermo
- When was the first radio in the car. car.ru via WOR
- Cool and rare. Favorite then and now. Tandberg. RUS-DX
- Radio in the digital age: audience, impact of the pandemic, competition with streaming. RUS-DX
- [nordx] Largest radio installation record ever...
- [WOR] IRCA Reprints update
- Giant antenna near Moscow. Space Communications Center Bear Lakes. RUS-DX
- ERT commemorates World Radio Day with "blackout" in shortwaves. Zacharias Liangas
- Zacharias Liangas - Interesting radio related pages on his site.
- Shortwave Receiver E-645 / Siemens E311
- Marine Receiver – Elektromekano M97
- MW DXpedition in the Boso peninsula in Japan on Jan.9-10. Fumiaki Minematsu
- Radio collector in the UK. Mike Terry via WOR
- Daltro D’Arisbo Radio Museum, Porto Alegre – Brazil. Martin Butera via radioheritage.com
- DX nostalgia by Ronny Forslund