Hard-Core-DX.com: CGTN an VoA Tibean the same freq different times! (detailed article )

CGTN an VoA Tibean the same freq different times! (detailed article )

Thursday, March 31 2022

CGTN on 17490 with nearly local signal in the clear over the local noise at 10+ on listening to the news while in after lunch light napping Off 1358
NF ?? 17490 πrogram in Tibetan 1404z with news A ref to Istanbul 53/04 alternate talks by man and woman  with various topics including Ukraine and Biden May  I suppose VoA?

New check on 31/3 too see what  is wrong in th above log:
sudden stop of CGTN at 1252 on 17490
VoA in Tibetan NF17489.883 starts on 1359  Signal is -80/-105 dbm but poor sound reception die to harsh sounded noise . Better reception in Kuwait and Cyprus albeit jammed with digital jammer  with -60dbm levels . Many mentions of Putin noticed on 1425
IN Russia - Nizhny Novgorod the signal is nearly steady at -60dbm that I can suppose the transmitter is rather close: Tashkent? Faded 10 mins after with 20dbm  levels
Novsibirsk and Izhnevsk kSDRs  show higher DRM like noise than signal

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