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Wolfgang Bueschel observations

Tuesday, April 19 2022

some comments included also by wb df5sx,
via RUSdx #1181 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

see below, see 4 x Mediumwave gear locations,
LW 234 and MW 549 kHz feeder/antenna gear scrapped in past 30 years now:

MOLDOVA Today April the 6th, Trans World Radio (prgrs in Ukrainian
language, Russian, Roma / Gipsy & Belarussian) was not on the air, re-
placed by prgr in Russian of Radio Rossii or as they say "Radio Rassii" on
MW 999 KHz at 1730-1935 UT. The prgrs in Roma, Hungarian, Romanian etc at
1830-2130 on 1548 kHz are still on the air.

Vesti Radio on 1413 kHz is with reduced power (earlier with 1000 kW).
BTW 10-20 years ago, Radio Rossii was named as "Radio of Yelzin" and
now Vesti as "Radio of Putin".

MOLDOVA/RUSSIA/UKRAINE For many years TWR in Ukrainian, Russian, Roma /
Gipsy & Belorusian was on the air on MW 999 KHz via Radioteletsentr (PRTC)
transmitter Grigoriopol Maiac site [Pridnestrovie break away], replaces
TWR with Radio Rossii and from yesterday [April 5] their bc time 1730-1935
UT was replaced by progr of Radio Rossii(Rassii) in Russian.

On April the 5th, four transmitters of Ukrainian Radio were on the air on
MW 657, 873, 1278 & 1404 kHz.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, direct and via wor hcdx April 6)

MOLDOVA April 10, 2022. PMR frequencies: 999 kHz is definitely strongest
here, no more trace of Rai IT which used to be present here before. also
stronger than TWR has been in the past! probably 1000 kW for this?!

1413 kHz comes next, strong and clear most of the time but gets swamped
out by 500 watts UK station at certain point, presumed 500 kW from a di-
rectional system twrds east.

621 kHz only on air during the early morning hours with vy. weak and vy.
directional signal.

Checked the whole evening and no trace of TWR here. only Spain (10 kW)
heard! "TWR Ukrainian & Russian & Belarusian 1730-1935 UT? listed for 621
kHz but no single sign of this today. Forgot to check 1548 today but I'll
do tomorrow. Just a reminder: 621 kHz is only active on weekdays (Mon-Fri)
with the "Radio 1plus" oldie music in russian language, never heard on Sat
or Sun. Guess this is the old x-mitter.

Moldova 18:30 UTC 20:30 CEST on Sunday 10 April:
1548 kHz with TWR (interval signal heard) is audible in the clear.
Balkan style music, later preacher. UK Gold in the background (playing
Nutbush city). Not listed for this time.

621 kHz does not carry any signal at all !
[621 kHz is NOT on air Sat/Sun / Ed]

999 kHz is by far the strongest signal. 1413 and 1548 kHz might originate
from same antenna system {no, wb}. Slight detoriation on both.

MDA "Tsekh" transmitter site #3. ex LW 234 kHz, exMW 549 and 1467 kHz.
now on 621, 999, 1413, and 1548 kHz.

I guess 999 and 1413 kHz at location single mast
47 16 58.66 N 29 26 23.50 E




I guess 621 kHz small mast as reserve unit at location single mast
47 16 48.8 N 29 26 11.78 E



USSR Zarya antenna type tx #950.
1548 kHz fixed frequency via Zarya antenna on long range reflection.

Malaya Zarya (little) - M. zarya at 245degrees azimuth.
Grigoriopol Maiac, 1000 kW, 12 antenna masts, 940 meters length. aimed to
Romania, Beograd former Yugoslavia, Sarajevo, Napoli, Tunis mainlobe path
at location
47 16 41.39 N 29 26 34.16 E



Scrapped after USSR communism collapse in the 90ties:
MDA_former LW 234 kHz mast 1000 kW at
47 17 21.32 N 29 26 00.42 E

Scrapped after USSR communism collapse in the 90ties:
former MW mast 549 kHz 1000 kW at
47 17 19.19 N 29 26 48.16 E

Another USSR communism collapse scrap ruin of the 90ties
MDA_Radio Moscow MW sidefire SV_2+2 - 4-mast 1467 kHz 170degr azimuth
directional antenna towards Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt target of Radio Moscow,
47 16 59.50 N 29 25 44.55 E




TWR Europe (own observations)
Sunday, 10 April from
20:30 CEST (=18:30 UTC) To biblijazem (Bulgarian?) 15 min.
20:45 CEST (=18:45 UTC) "Poruke nade" (Romany) 30 min.
21:15 CEST (=19:15 UTC) Magyar Evangeliumi Radio (Hungarian) 25 min.
21:40 CEST (=19:40 UTC) Erijec za danas (Bosnian) 15 min.
21:55 CEST (=19:55 UTC) Rijec za danas na crnogorskom jez.
(Montenegrin)15 min.
22:10 CEST (=20:10 UTC) Rech za danas (Serbian) 15 min.
22:25 CEST (=20:25 UTC) off.
(Robert, Germany, Apr 9/10; RUSdx #1181 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

"Radio 1+" / "Radio PMR" - April 11, 2022
I did run a check this (very early) morning.
04:39 CEST / 02:39 UTC - 4x test tone on MW 621 kHz.
04:55 CEST / 02:55 UTC - start of the program
05:12 CEST / 03:12 UTC - clear jingle ID heard "Radio 1 Plus"
05:30 CEST / 03:30 UTC - another jingle aired "Radio 1 Plus"
The signal was there at least until 06:20 CEST, then slowly fading out.
No trace of TWR. Much weaker then it used to be 3 years ago.
The start up procedure is always the same:
<https:www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0Tua0ZP s>
(Horst, Germany, April 11; RUSdx #1181 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

Signal strength comparision of Pridnestrovie Grigoriopol Maiac site;
depends of the used mediumwave antenna type there, and the daytime /
nighttime pattern, groundwave or steep angle nighttime angle reflection
of more than 200 kilometers distance ... wb.