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World Music Radio 25800 kHz

Saturday, May 07 2022

For almost a year World Music Radio has been broadcasting 24/7 on 25800 kHz with 60 Watts from Mårslet, south of Aarhus in Jutland, Denmark. Propagation on the 11 meter band (25670-26100 kHz) is improving and 25800 can currently be heard almost daily in Southern Europe and Western+Northern Africa and sometimes also in the Middle East and as far away as Western Australia and the Americas.

I've been looking in the propagation forecast ('Funkprognose') in Weltweit Hören for May 2022 - and found that best chances of catching WMR on 25800 kHz are as follows:
Western Africa: 11-18 UTC
Central Africa: 06-19 UTC (especially 14-18 UTC)
Southern Africa: 06-20 UTC (especially 09-17 UTC)
Eastern Africa: 05-18 UTC (especially 09-17 UTC)
Middle East: 10-16 UTC
South East Asia: 06-17 UTC
Western Australia: 06-12 UTC (especially 10-11 UTC)
South East Australia: 06-09 UTC
Brazil/Uruguay/Argentina: 10-20 UTC

A very good indicator to check propagation on 11m is this site: https://www.dxmaps.com/spots/mapg.php?Lan=E If the 10 m amateur band (28 MHz) is open, chances are that 11 m is also open.

WMR also broadcasts 24/7 on 927 kHz (200W), 5930 kHz (200W) and 15700 kHz (20W). Hopefully power on 15700 will soon be increased to 200W.

Reception reports are welcomed to: World Music Radio, PO Box 112, DK-8960 Randers SØ, Denmark. Please enclose return postage (five euro or 1-2 IRC's) if possible. The new 2022 QSL hasn't been printed yet but the design is ready.

Btw: I think WMR is the only broadcasting station currently using the 11 meter band. But according to FCC-files it seems like licences have been issued to a number of (utility?) transmitters in the 11 mb in the US: 25870, 25910, 25950, 25990, 26000, 26030, 26070, 26090 and 26100 for four different services: 'Broadcast Auxiliary (low power)', 'Broadcast Auxiliary Remote Pickup', 'XC' and 'XT'. I didn't find any details about modulation (NFM?) or power. Wondering if these stations actually are on the air?

Best 73s
Stig Hartvig Nielsen

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