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DX & kSDR tips of 7-5

Sunday, May 08 2022

uSing kSDRs in E Australia and NZL
5055 4KZ with songs of the older times 80s-90s great program S9in hawera  at 1042
5045 island FM again in the band with hot sings of the past . -60 inRotorua but suffers from underruns  1042with ID Island FM then song should I stay or I go as version
5035 Unique radio heard better in Rotorua at S5 but not in Hawera
5020 Solomon Islands 1048 now using Maharau  #1 with localsemiacapella songs Funny music style with signal S8
4980 B-Stair 1051 man singing acapella a religious song with strongapplauds from the audience. Thew well known prayer (MR Stair? )talking back in frontof the people  and starts yelling at 1057via WRMI and stopped audio at 1100
5010 WRMI 1100 with program in Spanish –AWR per eibii listng
5000  WWVH 1104  with time talks Ha[i]wa[n]i*  at ToM . Mixed with Colorado

Locally with my SDR  
QTH centre of salonica  10+15m wires9/1balun Using tips in WOR

1749o VoA via GER 1450 with music , -90dbm max
13600 Truth for Russia at -80/115 dbm , news in Russian low SNR Mentionsof  China at 1516
5910 R Rom Intl  program inRomanian at 1520 with -58dbm signal and 2x4.9lkHz wide the strongest in theband fir the time being
9420  CNR13 is  now clear from  VoG locally
15615  AWR un Gujarati staring1530 with -75dbm Also on 15670 at -60dbm via GE in English This immediatelyturned into a gospel song
9920 R Teos in Russian and Ukrainian at 16-17 
9900 TWR in Korean , 1540 mentioning Maria -70dbm
13800 V Andess in CHechen  1545 it sounds as Turkish
16207 mysterious signal that seems as NFM transmission arat 1640 but behaves asbuzzer

6970  greek QSO net wi9th pirates at1926  Signals sto -80dbm
7000L 1928 russian or  Ukrainian operasat same time   
6650 the op seems Albanian  1936
9670 Pravda dlya Russi 1944 with RR program with many mentions ofUkraine. 1047 ID after the newsfeed   Better reception using LSB to avoid QRM from9675  Om 6070 the program is R Sylviawith rocks at 1952 with -75dbm but quite noisy
6020 CRI msx from Albanian program IDed at 1955 and continued on 1956with signal at -45dbm with 2x10kkHz that is HiFi
6038.5 Stanaga in the middle on the band with -77dbm at 1959& 2000Ther is also a CIS -XX type on 5978
9100 Echo of hope with jammer 2029 Signal at -72 The jammer soundsas  Stanag mode
9675 BSKSA /RSIntl 2033 in indo with qur’anic program mixing originalQuran with indo translation . 2055 off

* just ask me what is haiwani

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