Hard-Core-DX.com: kSDR logs part 1

kSDR logs part 1

Thursday, May 19 2022

part 1



Via Bucharest :
12055 R Liberty in Kazakh at S20 With ID and talks /news S20
11831 Kontayner inside the band @ 1449 with S7 signal Alson 11700
15515 AWR HIndic religious song at 1457 S9 off at 1458
15520 REE with IS then ID at 1458 starting now with 3-4 ID
15510  SAMA  1500 starts with relig song , ID? , interviewS20

Via Lamont Staffordshire:  
7770L  pirate ? with American  country folk song at 1507 S7 at best he can beheard in the western parts on UK Weston at best on Eire too  and in NE France!
7270  Rockpower from NL at 1513 with orksongs At 1838 in A mode and S9 level on Powys Wales
15150  R tamajuj  1518 with two ID and talks S10 at max Poor inTHS
15400 IRRS in Oromo , overloaded a bit  garbled signal . phone in interview S20

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