Hard-Core-DX.com: kSDR 18.5 logs part #2 /open to comments

kSDR 18.5 logs part #2 /open to comments

Saturday, May 21 2022

ccomments appreciated

More SDR logs  18.5
78 kHZ (!!) Mayak heard in the Izhevsk kSDR with  at 1615 . it was labeled by the owner .No othernearby kSDr notice that  !

4010.22 Kyrgyz Radio could be heard with the best signal via Novosibirsk kSDRwith S30 with -45db  carrier/ audio difference Around 2.5kkm distance NW form Almaty! Programwith discussions.
Older times I had  a girlfriendfrom there. She was a beauty.
via somewhere..
17830 FARDA  1000 in Farsi with Turkish type songs ID andcontinuing the songs S20 dbm signal

Local reception 18/5
6955 Zeppelin Athens with rock songs at 1855 with signal 44-48/00  Localnoise is 42db
6865 CNR at 1853 with signal 61/04 and nice songs
6630L  Greek pirate operator 1900 airinggreek folk song 61/04 heard well  
5935 Erdoğan wins the signalbattle with Welat at 1900 61/00
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