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RUS`-DX items May 29

Sunday, May 29 2022

re Raduzhnyi / Radujnyi site, next to Arman city.

RUS_Magadan_Arman_Radujnyi LW 234 kHz 500 kW
59 42 51.10 N 150 11 30.17 E



Most far east Radio site, TX house,
RUS_ Far east Russian Radio site. 75-80 masts visible_Rossii 5940 kHz
59 42 28.00 N 150 10 30.00 E



Only six antenna masts look like new and in permanent use,
best satellite image pictures seen,
when set the Google Earth-Pro picture glider to
1-Oct-2006 date images.

Technician engineer staff village and main power switch transformator


73 wb df5sx

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The largest and most powerful radio transmitter, which is located in
the village of Raduzhny, is planned to be closed.
Video in Russian - 3:10


In Soviet times, powerful broadcasting radio centers were often built
far from populated areas. Literally from scratch, a transmitting
facility was erected and a new settlement appeared on the map with
residents-workers of the radio center. With all infrastructure, social
institutions. People lived here for years, labor dynasties appeared.

I note that until 1988, a number of radio centers, in addition to
broadcasting radio programs, were engaged in jamming "enemy" voices.

That is, there was enough work. After the collapse of the USSR, in
Russia the centers remained "afloat" due to the internal LW / MW / SW
broadcasting of state radio stations and foreign broadcasting, as well
as retransmission of programs from various companies.

In 2013 - 2015, there was a global reduction in analogue broadcasting
in Russia. Mayak was the first to leave, then the Voice of Russia and,
ultimately, Radio Russia. For FSUE RTRS (an organization in charge of
radio centers), this has become a big problem. Transmitting facilities
have been placed on conservation. The staff at many centers has been
reduced to a minimum (security)

Radio centers with an unclear future and, in fact, of no use, stand
around the country in varying degrees of safety. Unfortunately, in the
vast territories of the centers it is impossible to keep track of
everything, and antenna systems, feeder lines die at the hands of
marauders, bringing the transmitting objects into final disrepair.
People hurt the most. When after conservation
(in fact, the closure) of the radio center, the village is doomed to
its historical decline.
We leave for the Magadan Region.

Olsky district. Rainbow village.
In 1967, Radio Station No. 7 was put into operation here.
Broadcasting in the ranges of LW and SW. It was.
In 2015, the center was mothballed, and the village of Raduzhny was
recognized as unpromising and subject to resettlement.
(Andrey Molokov, https://vk.com/public158109176)

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