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Cuba observations

Wednesday, June 01 2022

CUBA On Wed June 1st checked the Cuban Spy 5digit number outlets
from Bejucal bcast center site,

08.52 UT s-on again, 'broadband antenna tuning signal'
digital data transmission
in wide range of 9062 to 9068 kHz.

S=9+5dB signal noted in SDR unit at Rochester NY state,
from 09.01 UT some 5-digit Spanish number packets reading started

9065 0755-0850 CUB Cuban Spy Numers Spa Bejucal 1246
9065 0855-0950 CUB Cuban Spy Numers Spa Bejucal 1246

some strong antenna test tune audio tones or attention signals to the spies
in Latin America and Yankee United States heard on the frequencies:
718-724 Hertz,
1463-1474 Hertz, and
1839 Hertz strings on both sidebands.

73 wb df5sx