Hard-Core-DX.com: GB & Jen Sunday 1800-2315 on Unique Radio

GB & Jen Sunday 1800-2315 on Unique Radio

Sunday, June 05 2022

GB's Platinum Jubilee: That`s GB playing the Platinum Artist, "From Swinging England".
Now the presenters will be one of CARN's ID regulars, synth voiced "Hazel", UK & introducing "Zira", US.

This will take place at 1800 UT Sunday June 5 to 2015 UT; immediately following: Jen's Mixed Up Live Regular Show, 2015 UT to close down Sunday 2315 UT. Please, be advised that GB's cast begins after my intro, & IDs at 1815 UT.

The frequencies for Unique Radio's live cast are as follows; depending on prop conditions wise, or just bad weather in general for both freq's: 3210 kHz &/or 5035 USB. Plus our always reliable live stream:

Click on the ``Jen Listen 64`` button, then click on Listen, and you are in at
For Podcast Please go to:

GB & Jen
73" & 33"

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