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Tuesday, June 07 2022

USA newly built Ampegon transmitter unit and/or antenna ?
at WMLK Bethel PA-USA,
location G.C. at 40 28 46.42 N 76 16 48.36 W

The slim guy on red AMPEGON shirt seems like Bodo DF8DX
from Thurgi Switzerland, who erected also SW tx gear before in
Abuja Nigeria 5N7Q, Pao Chung Taiwan, Dhaka-Bangla Desh and Bechar Algeria
7Y0A 7X2ARA. etc. etc.

see <https:www.qrz.com/db/DF8DX> entry of Bodo, born in 1975.

Next activities mentioned on qrz.com website:

01. - 19. June 2022: Bodo has the US amateur radio op callsign KT3Q,
at Berks County, PA_USA, which is not far from WMLK Bethel PA_USA

seems to be related ?

Some 23.9 miles distance away, see fastest route as



73 wolfy df5sx wwl_jn48or

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From: Walter Salmaniw

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Looks like they’re getting closer to getting back on the air.
Via fb just now: 73, Walt

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