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Fw: Scheduled ENC Woofferton frequencies available ?

Monday, June 13 2022

engineers at Encompass, Woofferton in the UK:

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Hi Wolfy,
Apologies for the delay, this is my first day back .... xxxx.
The frequencies won't be finalised until after the test transmissions,
but the latter have now been scheduled.
They will be on air

!>> tomorrow (Tue 14.06.2022) at 2130-2145 UTC.

ASC: 7305 kHz
DHA: 6035 kHz
WOF: 9505 kHz and 12065 kHz

Hope that helps!
73 de Dave.

On Fri, 10 Jun 2022, 14:28 Wolfgang Bueschel, <df5sx> wrote:

Dear Dave,

re in previous 2021 year:
2130-2200 UT on 6035-dha-uae 6170-asc 7305-wof and 9505/9595-wof.

Do you know the actual ENC WOF frequencies taken on June 21
at 21.30-22.00 GMT
single day operation towards Antarctic area ?

thanks in beforehand,
vy73 de Wolfy df5sx JN48OR

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ASCENSION ISL/U.K. [to Antarctic] Monday 21 June, 2130-2200 UTC.
BBC World Service annual mid-winter broadcast to Antarctica for British
Antarctic Survey staff working on midwinter's day in Antarctica.

Frequencies used in 2021 were 6035-dha-uae, 6170-asc, 7305-wof, 9595-wof.

The programme may also be carried on the BBC WS English streams from
2132-2200 UTC on DAB in the UK and possibly also on SW 11810-wof and
12095-asc to West Africa.

ANTARCTICA [NON !] The British Antarctic Survey's Midwinter broadcast to
staff based in Antarctica will be going ahead as usual on 21 June.

Frequencies unconfirmed as we go to press, last year's broadcast was
carried from 2130-2200 UT on 6035-dha 6170-asc 7305-wof and 9505-wof.

A slightly shorter version is likely to be aired from 2132-2200 UT on some
BBCWS streams including via DAB in the UK. The only regular BBCWS English
SW frequencies on the air at this time are 11810-wof and 12095-asc to West
Africa but it's not currently shown in the WS schedule to Africa.

In an email to Alan Pennington on 26 April, Emily Neville, Communications
and Engagement Manager with the British Antarctic Survey confirms that the
broadcast will go ahead this year. Richard Hollingham at Boffin Media who
produce the show also confirmed there will be a broadcast again. Details
will be circulated on the BrDXC-News U.K. list as soon as we have them.
If you are not yet subscribed to the BDXC-News list send an email to
<bdxc-news-subscribe -at- groupos.io>
(BrDXC-UK Communication PDF magazine June 2022, direct June 6; wor too)
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