Hard-Core-DX.com: Not VoG yesterday Monday 13

Not VoG yesterday Monday 13

Tuesday, June 14 2022

Tested today locally  and via Twentewith no signal on 1230 , 1255 and 1315z
I was in a quite clear place nearby the beaches of Litohoron just listeningto a marginal signal of CNR13 over the local noise on 9420 while the signal on9630 was just fair

At 1349 very clear signal of CNR13 SDR nearby Budapest with -86dbm while inTwente with same signal over higher noise (-93dbm )

Supposedly they didn’t operate as it is the Holy Spirit day feasted 50 daysafter the Easter ie always on Mondays. This year due to high  temperatures most people left their cities toget to the beaches even if it is a school exams period. It was 33 C in our nearby  beach

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