Hard-Core-DX.com: Radio Pravda dlja Rossii schedule change

Radio Pravda dlja Rossii schedule change

Wednesday, June 15 2022

hf-transmitter@web.de @Radio22_HF posts on Twitter 14 June:
"Due listeners feedback and summer propagations on HF we increase our
schedule on 13600khz (high power) and cancel 6070khz for the moment.
Please take note off the attached broadcast schedule."

The schedule chart shows:
9670 kHz Wednesday and Friday at 0500 UTC (low power) [viaCh292 Germany]
13600 kHz Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 1500 UTC (high
power) [via Moosbrunn, Austria]

and email radioprawda@outlook.com (note spelling)

(Alan Pennington via bdxc-news io group)